R.I.B.B.F Spring Classic 2018 Waterford - Part 1

Quick introduction by Western Europe Chief editor of this project- Katarina CIENKA. Who are 123lbs.com and what do we do?

For those who dont know us yet, let me first write bit about us, about who we are and what we do. 123lbs.com is a project of Eastlabs.sk and I'm sure you all came across that name before.


There is only few bodybuilding websites around the Europe who would be as useful and as quick as Eastlabs Team if it comes to uploding useful news, updates and informations about bodybuilding and fitness world. Their photos and reports from different contest are spreaded on social media on daily basis and there is no bodybuilder or fitness competitor who wouldnt know famous Eastlabs.sk.
Igor Kopcek, The Founder and The Chief Editor of Eastlabs has been in this game for years and I don't know anyone else who would have better knowledge about Bodybuilding and Fitness than him.

Why do I think so?

Every International contest , either European or World Championships, every Diamond Cup, Grand Prix, shows around the europe and woldwide, you name it and you could see Igor and Eastlabs Team there. Sitting right behind the judging panel, recording videos and taking photographs, year after year. Sitting just a row behind the judges, memorizing what's going on stage.
So who else if not him has better knowledge of whats going in bodybuilding and fitness world? He has seen every Beginner becoming The Champion and every Amateur becoming PRO, he owns thousands and thousand of photos and videos and wrote hundreds of reports about diferent contests, athletes and their coaches.... no one else can see the evolution of categories of this sport better than him.

Where am I going with all this?

Well, if there is anyone who spots the future Champion the minute he/she step on stage, then it's definitely Igor. His years of experience, watching judges closely, seeing how they pick the winners and what they are looking for, make him a real expert. He also often sees what judges don't, as they don't have time to analyse every competitor for too long when they are on stage.
But he has the footage which he can watch over and over...and he sees everything! Nothing escapes Kopceks eye and his honest and straight forward personality make him one of the best bodybuilding critics I know. Loads of great and succesfull athletes have come to Igor for advice and it was his honesty and his brutal straight to the point attitude, what made them Champions (of course if they listened...)
One of them was current Pro Bikini Athlete Saskia Cakoci. Saskia, also got loads of useful tips of Igor, who has been watching invasion of Russia and their athletes to Bikini Fitness World for years. Russians were coming better each season until they slowly set the standard to the Bikinifitness category. Their presentation was getting more elegant by year and their overall look became THE BIKINI FITNESS LOOK (hair, make up, posing, bikini., Russians managed to set the standard in every way of this division.) .
Saskia listened and understood that if she wants to be successful, she has to follow the Russian standard and give the judges what they want. And like that she became The European and World Champion in 2016.

So What is 123lbs.com ?

We are a project of Easlabs.sk, and our main focus will be to provide as much useful information about Bikinifitness and Wellness fitness categories as possible and that in form of reports, photo galleries and videos. We will do our best to give you the latest news, flash infos and quick updates on the national and international contests, rules and results from different shows .
The main goal of our reports is to help Bikini and Wellness finess girls from around the Europe to improve, to learn and to become better.

Read more about Spring Classic 2018 Waterford in part 2....


123lbs.com - who is Katarina Cienka?

Introducing project 123lbs.com - who is The Chief Editor of this project for Western Europe? Katarina Cienka!

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