R.I.B.B.F. Spring Classic Waterford 2018 - Part 2

Read a quick report by chief editor for Western Europe Katarina CIENKA about R.I.B.B.F Spring Classic Waterford 2018. 

So How was Spring Classic 2018 in Waterford?

I think the organizers and R.I.B.B.F deserve 10 out of 10 for organising such a successful event. I really have only good things to say and I reallly enjoyed it. All I could hear was a positive feedback from audience but most importantly competitors who were very happy with the backstage, the venue, and how smoothly it was ran .
All categories where on stage on time and it was very noticeable on the competitors faces. Specially when bikini girls got on stage and they all look fresh and happy. Not like at few previous shows I remember, when poor girls were on stage in the middle of the night. I was really delighted for the girls as I know from my own experience that it can be very frustrating to go on stage that late.
It's more of a nightmare than a showday which they are suppose to enjoy and to "shine". Waiting around all day starved and dehydrated and to smile on the top of that? Well, that is pretty hard even for the PRO's!

I must say overall, the atmosphere was really good and if there was one thing that I wasn't sure about, it would be the lightning on stage. Mixture of very little of daylight, with little bit of artificial light...Emmm. I think that was bit tricky for competitors. To figure out how dark their tan should be wasnt easy and it was pretty noticebale on many competitors.
I think few would look better having their tan done right. But unfortunately this are all the things which athletes must be ready for and they (or their coach) should have lightning and the stage color (color of floor and back wall) checked before they actually step on stage.
Yes, it may sounds crazy but many experienced coaches check the stage before the event start so they can pick the right color of tan and color of bikini for their athletes. (For example : if the color of back wall is black it's better to go with different color of bikini than black, dark blue or any other dark color, otherwise competitor will not stand out).

Let's go back to Bikinifitness categories

Although, i was very impressed by the standard of bikini categories and there were good few girls who I think will take it really far if they stick the correct way of training and dieting, i must say, that the standard over here in Ireland is bit different comparing to what I saw recently in Slovakia, Czech, Ukraine or Russia. These are the countries leading bikini fitness divisions and these girls are going to be the biggest competition for girls who 'll decide to enter international show.
So , in case of planning to compete abroad, girls (and their coaches) should make sure they know the standard they are going to be up against and reconsider if their training is going to help or ruin their chances there.
What I noticed is that girls are way too much focused on muscularity and size rather than symetry and detail. Don't take me wrong, I love it, I'm all about muscles but with Russians being absolute leaders in bikinifitnes world, this category is more about elegance, beauty, feminine walk and presentation, symmetry, small waist and long limbs rather than just big shoulders and gluteus.
I know, seeing Yana Smith Kuznetsova or Nataly Lugovskikh on a picture might be misleading and all some girls see is how huge and muscular these girls are and they run to gym and squat crazy heavy thinking that is the right way.
No! Seeing someone on photo on their own can be very deceiving and even though these girls look they are big/muscular and hard they are actually tiny in real life. Some of them never squatted in their life and if they do they use very light weights. It's hard to judge by a photo, how big and muscular someone is unless you stand next to them.
Size and maturity of the muscles are two different things and those girls are only focused on detail, symetry , balance and elegance. They dont train heavy !

What did I notice? 

What I noticed a lot on stage last weekend was big legs, big quads which are absolute NO in bikini category. Thats why there is a new category wellness! Where it is all about the legs and of course BEAUTY!!!! I have to say it is one of my favourite categories and talking about this division, I think it needs bit more time. The standard of this category hasn't been set just yet and we could clearly see that on stage in Waterford.
But my advice would be to look at European standard of Wellness rather than South American as these are two different cups of tea.Two different fitness worlds! I 've been watching closely Wellness division (thanks to Eastlabs photos and videos) and how it is slowly growing around the Europe and I think many will be surprised with the standard what we gonna see in Santa Susanna next weekend. Again I have to highlight that it is female category!!!!! And elegance and beauty will always do better than just size and muscles!
There are few girls who I think would do really well if they would change the category (from bikini or bodyfitness to wellness). One of the irish athletes who has really bright future in this new category is Dervla Kilmartin, who previously competed in bodyfitness but changing to Wellness was very good move in her case and I cannot wait to see Dervla on stage in october.

Bikinifitness = elegance? 

So if I would look at bikini categories overall, i think some of the girls should slow down if they want to continue competing in bikini category (dont train heavy) or they wil have to consider changing category soon. The standard in each country is set by competitors , judges just pick from what is on stage and if the best looking girl on stage is "maybe too muscular " but has the best overall look, the all top 3 is going to look muscular as judges need to pick girls looking similar to a winner!
That's the way it works ! And that's the way it works in international shows. If the best looking girl on stage is gonna be the one with hardly any muscle mass but her overall look, elegance and beauty won't let the judges stop looking at her, she will win and the judges will pick the rest of top 3 girls , with the similar shape.
I don't want to repeat myself again but Russia is sending 31 bikini athletes to Santa Susanna next week and according to the results from 2017 when out of 8 bikini categories 7 gold medals went to Russia and one to Ukraine, it's bit predictable what standard to expect. We should always bare in mind that bikini category is meant to be the most feminine and elegant division.

Back to Waterford and Bikini Winners....

Very nice surprise to me was a winner of short first timers Suzanne Markey, who was a winner in my eyes too. I must say I was very impressed by her pleasent presentation and she didn't drop that smile for a second. I think her posing ( of course as it was her first time on stage ), needs bit more practice. In Suzannes case i would not grow more muscles and work more on details, and try to work with whats there and improve in the areas of lower body.
Another huge surprise for me was Raimonda Venckauskaite. Very symmetric, small waist , long legs and very elegant.Very beautiful overall package and with bit more detail and experience on stage she is one to watch and one of the few I can imagine standing next to some of famous Russians, fighting for top placing.
Another girl who caught my eye was winner of up to 160 category Giedre who if I have right informations also won MuscleContest Show week before. Giedre looked really good and I can't say anything bad here about her shape, maybe that her tan could be bit darker and that she definitely could smile bit more .
In my eyes, the top 3 in category up to 160cm was bit different and to be honest I would have placed Agnes Kulcsar bit better but as I was once told judging bikini is very hard and the results would change everytime when judging panel change.
Very nice and elegant was Brigi German who I remembered from last year and I must say , her overall package improved big time since her last show!
Niamh Duggan ! Owned the stage ! In my opinion the best in Waterford last Saturday! Beautiful, very natural on stage and not that light tan she would definitely fight for Overall Title!
Masters....Judyta looked very well as always, loads of improvements since I saw her last, specially posing and presentation.Well done! But who really caught my eye was another great looking lady in master category Magda and I could not take my eyes of her. Her presentation and the way she moved was unreal and I cannot wait to see her on stage again.
And finally The Overall Winner Eibhlin Ni Thomhnair!!!! Definitely deserved that trophy! Well proportioned ,great symmetry, beautiful ,perfect tan ,bikini (bottom could be bit higher) , make up and overall look was very very good ! I think the posing needs bit more practice, but that will naturally come with more stage experience. I dont think Eibhlin needs anymore muscle mass and in case she wants to compete internationally, once she polish her posing , she has successful career ahead of her .
Apart that, im giving her and her coach A+. Thats it from me. Well done to all athletes, federation and organizers for a great event again.

Best of luck to all competing in Santa Susanna and in Cork and huge thanks to Oskar Boral for great photos.


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