2018 IFBB World Championships Women - report part 2

Part 2 of our report from 2018 IFBB World Fitness Championships by Barbora Labudova. 

You can read part 1 HERE

BIKINI FITNESS up to 166cm 

There were competing 17 girls in this category – all of them took part right in the semifinals. I was really confused after reading the final results. The winner od category became bikini representing Russia – Alina Malykhina (372). In my opinion, she wasn´t the best at all. She looked like a wellness fitness competitor in front positions – her legs are too muscular. The paradox is that her lower body really lagged in side positions – she didn´t interest with excelent round glutes as her russian colleagues.
One of them was Olga Pyatetskaya (365), placed 3rd. They were actually very similar – both chose the curly blonde look and they both wore blue bikinis. I liked Olga more than Alina, her single imperfection was abs. Alina´s overall look wasn´t bad but I definitely don´t imagine a world bikini champion like this, I´m sorry.
The silver medal went to Ukraine – Kateryna Stoianova (363). I like her even more. She looked very slight and lean. She would be on the first place in my own scale. Greete Sugis (374) placed 4th but I liked more the two remaining – Olga Shilina (367) from Russia and Sanna Paasimaa (369) from Finland. I think that Olga had better shape on ACE 2018 and that´s why she placed 5th.
Sanna is not well-known competitor for me but I like her shape and overall look. Aleksandra Unal (368) from Turkey is a competitor I would place to the top 6 in place of Greete Sugis. She reminded me of Elizaveta Mukminova.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 169cm

It was no surprise for me that gold medal went to Ukraine – Oksana Brygidyr (386) won again and she proved that she´s one of the bests. Oksana was singing the ukrainian national anthem with Albina Ustymenko (381), her colleague from repre-team who placed second. I liked her shape, she is a beautiful competitor (I have to say that I like her front position more than Oksana´s).
Julia Tzisova (385) from Estonia is the last competitor in the top 3. She looked very good, I like her V-shape and perfect quads. The other 3 places were filled with Tian Yuecen (389) from China, Lisa Marie Graham (400) from UK and Monika Spackova (401) from Czech Republic. These competitors were in good shape but I would make one place in top 6 for Allison Testu (380) from Portugal, who placed 11th (the reason why is inexplicable for me).
I had noticed her at ACE. She looked very good in my opinion, her shape reminded me of russian bikinis. She would defiitely deserve a place in top 6.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 172cm

The winner of this category is Ramona Ziauberyte (426) from Lithuania.  She won her category at ACE 2018 too. She showed a beautiful body symmetry and preparedness. It´s a must to say that she won with score 7 points instead of the fact she had 8 points in the round 1.
The first place in R1 had Oksana Oleinik (421). She belongs to top-class russian bikinis and her shape proved that (OMG look at that glutes!). I liked her a bit more than Ramona. Oksana stands out from others with her overall look in every competition – she is really beautiful and her form is almost flawless. She finally ended up on the second place with 9 points (that was her who won R1).
The bronze medal went to Poland – Magdalena Stawisinski (417). I like her back pose. I didn´t like visible veins on her shoulders, it doesn´t look good in bikini fitness categories. I prefer a slighter competitors. Jana Jerabkova (404) was representing Czech Republic. I appreciate her body symmetry and perfect preparedness but she looked too ,,hard“ for me. She placed the 4th and the austrian representative Kristina Brunauer (424) ended up right behind her. She engaged my attention with slim waist and beautiful legs.
The one thing impairing an impression is a width of her shoulders – they are too big for her figure. The last bikini refilling the top 6 is Liis-Marian Toomse (425) from Estonia. She looked good without any big defects but there was a huge difference between her and the top 3 – they were on higher level.


I was very curious about results of this category. The russian bikini star Natalia Lugovskih (446) came back on the stage here in Bialystok – her last competition was Grand-prix Baikal in August. She was competing here with Maryna Oborska (443), the overall winner of ACE 2018. The result? Natalia lost in this duel and placed second. I think that judges decided good and objective. Natalia didn´t show her excelent old form. She gained more muscles and I don´t like it – she looked big in comparison with her rivals. Moreover, she chose curly look and it wasn´t right choice. I think she would consider about her bikini career and finally move to Elite PRO league.
Neda Silkinyté (437) and Asta Kaukaite (447) both from Lithuania placed on two next places. Neda got bronz medal with beautiful slight form. I hope she will improve the muscle quality to be a bit fuller.
On the 5th place was Michaela Pancuskova (430) from Slovakia which is one of new competitors in slovak representation team. The last final place got the highest competitor in the top 6 - Mariia Konovalova (432) from Ukraine. I like her form, especially her lower body. I can´t skip well-known russian name Ksenia Sheveleva (448). Unfortunately, she placed 10th. I am dissapointed by her final shape – she looked even better on photos the day before the competition. I hope she will correct her good name as soon as possible.


The best competitor of every category had to wait for final comparison for chosing bikini overall world champion. It was pretty clear who will fight for the overall title right after they lined up on the stage. The winners of higher categories – Oksana Brygidyr (386), Ramona Ziauberyte (426) and Maryna Oborska (443).
Oksana had won the overall title multiple times and Maryna was the last overall winner at ACE 2018. Ramona is 2x overall champion of Lithuania. She even improved her form from ACE and managed with ukrainian rivals – Ramona won with 12 points, she became 2018 bikini overall world champion and won the Elite PRO card! I hope she will use her victory and move to Elite PRO league to compete with the bests of bests. Congratulations!


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