2018 Olympia Amateur United Kingdom

Let´s take a look at the stage of 2018 Olympia Amateur in United Kingdom.

Joe Weider’s Amateur Olympia took place in Coventry, England this weekend. It was one of the biggest fitness events in UK so far, organised by 2BrosProEvents. 21 pro cards were in the game and that’s the reason why over 550 competitors showed up and were determined to fight for the PRO card to be able to compete at the big OLYMPIA stage. Show was very nice arranged and well organised and as I was whole weekend at Bikini BKB with Bikini Mama I was able to take a closer look to the backstage and have better feel of this whole magnificent and perfectly prepared show. Competitors had one big open space to prepare themselves for the contest, everything was clean there and it looked like competitors were satisfied with the organisation as well. Backstage staff made sure all athletes knew when to be on stage and all were lined up into theirs categories in advance .

Womens Fitness

Only four women were competing In womens Fitness category. Lauren Carre was a clear winner with 12 points from judges. Tess Mikayla placed second with 21 points, Stacey Boyce ended on third place with 23 points and Nicola Ricks took “potato medal”.

Womens physique

Womens physique was devided into novice, masters and Pro qualifier. Only 2 girls were competing in novice class. Donna Murphy who won this category and Alex Kokkonen who placed second. Donna was in my opinion the most beautiful girl in Womens physique category. As we know this category is so tough and lot of women is unable to maintain that “woman look”. Despite that Donna had breathtaking muscular physique with quality , toned and shredded muscles on the stage she still looked feminine and very beautiful. Pro card winners are Heather Cowley, Irene Tristante and Mariola Sabanovic-Suarez with insane physique as well.

Womens Figure

Winners in novice category are Sarah White (in class B ) and Lorraine Gray (in class C). Sarah White, a brand new talent, brought an amazing whole package on the stage that weekend. It was her first competition ever and I can say she rocked it. Stay tuned for this girl cause I’m sure we’re gonna hear a lot about her in the future. Suzzie Watt placed second in this class with great physique as well. Ann Kristin Jacobsen became the winner of masters category with only 3 points from judges. Attendance in Pro Qualifier category was so much bigger than in other ones. So Pro card winners are Claire Aves, Natasha Jade Novak and Jayne Tingle.

Bikini Fitness

Attendance in novice category was around 10 girls in each class. Winner of height class A is Serena Cabry, winner of class B and also an overall winner is Helene Kirstine Lamhauge and the winner of class C Ewelina Skorczyk. Winner of Womens Bikini Masters Class A is Timea Bradley with 4 points from judges. Meg Lawrence placed second with only one point more. Both of these girls looked amazing on the stage. Their presentation was very elegant and thanks to that it looked like they own the stage. Winner of Masters Bikini Class B became Erin Kelly and Michelle Fraser placed second.
Pro qualifier category was devided into 8 classes what was a bit needless I think due to the fact that in some classes were only a few women competing than. Only 3 girls were competing class A so placing in top 3 was easy peasy but well the winner is Phalem Gillian Ndemaze. Other winners were Serena Cabry (class B, Zulmira Woodrow (class C). I also have to mention Danni Levy who placed second. She literally took my breath away with her physique. Danni had amazing toned glutes that made her stand out on the stage. Hovewer, this beautiful lady has to work on her presentation little bit more and I’m sure she’ll be rocking all stages. Another winner was Chlovel Agnee (class D), Nikki Harvey (class E), Katerina Chistova (class F), Erin Kelly (class G), Ewelina Skorczyk (class H).
Pro card winners in Bikini fitness category are Nikki Harvey who is also an overall winner, Katerina Chistova and Zulmira Woodrow who in my opinion should be an overall winner. Zulmira was shining on the stage, her presentation was so well-turned and elegant. She just owned the stage with her smile, visage and an amazing “lean-muscle" physique. Lenka Novakova was representing Slovak Republic in this Pro qualifier category. Her placing didn’t end up like she expected. Unfortunately her class was fullest one with the most competitors on the stage so it was really hard to stand out. Hovewer, we wish good luck to Lenka in her next competition in Frankfurt in a few weeks.


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