2019 Diamond Cup Luxembourg- wellness fitness

What shape did wellness fitness competitors show in Luxembourg? Barbora LABUDOVA will tell you. 

Wellness fitness category is gaining more and more popularity nowadays. There are more and more athletes competing and it´s followed by many fans. Who was competing and what shape did they show in Luxembourg?

The whole number of competitors was only 8. It was smaller number than we expected, knowing the fact there was only one open category. Despite this fact, the competitors were really equal and we didn´t know who will become a winner.

It was pretty clear who will be fight for the top 3 – medal positions. Michelle De Westelinck (84), Michaela Di Gennaro (85) and Lisa Meiswinkel (91) were a leaders in stage lineup because of their look, shape and proportions.
Moreover, every one of these 3 has some special thing. Michelle was looking very strong and self-confident on the stage. We can say every spectator was watching her for a while for sure. Michaela stand out from rivals because of her thin waist. Despite of her muscular lower body, her upper body is slim and still looking feminine.
The last of top 3, Lisa was not only very pretty. Her shape was full, the muscles were looking plastic and she wasn´t looking dry at all in spite of a perfect preparation. We can say that 5 others athletes were on the same level with small differences.
Two competitors didn´t go to the finals - Lorraine Atidegla (89) from Luxembourg and Anna Slaviczova (88) from Czech republic. The both were holding too much water and fat comparing them to the rivals. There was also missing a muscular hardness. I would suggest a different hairstyle to the Czech competitor. Lorraine has beautiful proportions, if she will prepare better for the next show, she will place higher.

The first from mentioned - Michelle De Westelinck (84) placed on bronze position. In final comparisons, we could see her bad tanning - she was too dark. Maybe this defect cost her a better placement. We could see there how can the details create the overall impression. Italian Michelle Di Gennaro (85) finished on second place. She was the tallest from top 3.
The winner of this category is Lisa Meiswinkel (91) from Germany. Her pretty, girly appearance helped her to win for sure. This competitor choose the russian bikini, but it isn´t necessary in this category. Competitors need to shorten thier legs optically to achieve more muscular look. The open category was the reason why Lisa became the overall winner and Elite PRO Card.
I think that Lisa shouldn´t gain more muscles. If she will, she will belong to bodyfitness, not wellness. Finally, I would like to attract your attention to athlete number 86 Bettina Nagy from Switzerland. She was looking thinner than top 3 winners but if she´ll gain some muscles on her legs and glutes, she will look really good.
Her body structure with long waist and shorter lower body is an ideal for this category. The last thing I have to tell you about is her posing – she didn´t show her positives in quarterturns. Every competitor should be practising the posing the way she shows herself in the best light she could.
Catia Moreira (87) from Luxembourg finished 5th and the last final place went to Mona Shirzade (90) from Netherland. Despite the fact the trend in wellness category is „wilder“ in bikinis, hairstyles and accessories, I would avoid the ponytails etc. I think it simply isn´t suitable for stage.

The next opportunity for wellness fitness girls will be on 21th – 23rd June in UK on IFBB English Grand Prix 2019. Stay tuned!


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