2019 IFBB Miami Grand Prix- Elite PRO bikinifitness

How did the contest in Miami look like? What shape have Elite PRO bikinifitness competitors brought? Barbora LABUDOVA will tell you. 

There was another Elite Pro competition in Miami this weekend. How did bikini fitness nomination look like? Who did come to Miami fighting for medals and points to world ranking?

Miami Grand Prix took place from the 20th to 21st July. Elite PRO competitors have competed in 4 cathegories, the one of them was the most interesting for us – bikini fitness. A total number of competitors was only 7. There could be many reasons of the low number of competitors- in general, there are lot of Elite Pro athletes from Europe. I am not surprised that they didn´t come to Miami. It´s quite a long distance and probably not everyone wanted to spend hours travelling and also spend lots of money for only one competition.

There were 3 athletes from Europe, 1 from Russia, 1 from Dominican Republic and 2 from states in South America in semifinal round. Specifically, Flor Maria Moran Romero (249) from El Salvador and Mayrobi De La Cruz (246) from Puerto Rico. These two ended in semifinals on 6th and 7th place. Unfortunately, we don´t have any photos from semifinals so we couldn´t „zoom in“ on their shapes.

The final round is more attractive for the names of competitors - Lenka Myslivcová (241) from Czech Republic, Esther Garcia Diaz (242) from Spain, Diany Terrero Rodriguez (243) from Dominican Republic, Karina Gavrikova (244) from Hungary and the best – Yana Smith Kuznetsova (250) from Russia.

But first things first. The competitors were showing their individual presentation right after stepping on the stage. The first was Lenka Myslivcova. We´ve already written about her in report from Elite Pro Ostrava. She was literally shining - she has improved her shape a lot and she looked really beautiful and attractive. Her shape was almost perfect – beautiful X-shape : pretty shoulders, thin waist and long legs are her strongest weapons. Everyone knew she came to Miami for on of the bests placements.
Esther Garcia Diaz is very pretty bikini competitor. What was missing in comparison with other is the muscle-fullness. She dominates with perfect body shape for bikinifitness nomination.
Diany Terrero Rodriguez was the smallest athlete in finals. She caught an attention with her blue bikini, which looked very different on the stage (all the others bikinis had a competition bikinis in differents red shades). I would reproach her the pattern on the bra – it doesn´t belong to bikinifitness category.
Karina Gavrikova is well-known bikini from Hungary. She was competing on more Elite Pro competitions this year. She has improved her shape from the last competition in Johannesburg – she looked fuller here in Miami. I would recommend her to avoid the volume hairstyles like this – she looks optically smaller.
It is evident that Yana Smith Kuznetsova leaves nothing to chance. She came to Miami for win. She had a brilliant shape in new pink bikinis (again). Her overall look was standardly perfect, she showed he rup without any experiments – straight hairstyle and proven competition make-up made her the queen of the stage. Everyone knew who came here for the gold.

The last final place was taken by Esther Garcia Diaz (242). Diany Terrero Rodriguez (243) ended on 4th position. Surprising for me was the fact that Diany and the bronz placed Karina Gavrikova had the same score (18). From these two was Karina the one who belongs to the top 3 for sure. The silver medal went to Czech Republic – Lenka Myslivcova (241). I consider very important to mark her win in Barbados. She is showing her potential right now – everyone has already known that she´s capable of comepting with the best bikini competitors. Yana Smith Kuznetsova won again and proved all the qualities she has. She won with 4 points lead.

The situation in Elite Pro Bikini is progressing very quickly. I can not wait to watch the IFBB Elite Pro World Championships in november which will take place in Tarragona, Spain!


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