Masters bikinifitness at 2018 European championships

Let´s take a look at 2018 European Championships, this time we´ll talk about MASTERS categories. 

Due to the new rule allowing athletes to compete only in one category loads of ladies over age of 35 decided to compete in the category MASTERS . Let´s look at the results.

MASTERS bikini 35-39 years up to 163cm

This category was won by Radka Szombathova from Slovakia. She brought very fresh and good-looking shape with enough muscles to the stage and since Radka is a makeup artist, her makeup and hairstyling was on point and her overall look was beautiful.She won with the same score as Russian Elena Bartkova who came second. I must admit that even though she was in totally different shape, I also found her very good. Szombathova had more defined legs and stomach and maybe was bit more muscular but Bartkova was very elegant and looked really healthy. That’s what bikinifitness is about, isn't it? Another Russian, Ekaterina Fedorova took bronze medal and I can't say anything against that. Ekaterina looked very nice on the stage. I also liked the shape of of Ludmila Wojdak, from Polad ,who came 6th.

Masters bikini 35-39y up to 163cm... 450 photos

MASTERS bikini 35-39 years 163cm+

Anita Kuczmanova from Slovakia took the Gold. She is really elegant bikini competitor but in my opinion Dominika Kovaczova (also from Slovakia) looked better and deserved the first place. She took the silver medal but even though Anita's posing was way better , I really liked Dominika´s thin waist and not as defined abdominal muscles, but she has to work on more muscular shoulders. Dominika is naturally beautiful and I 'll keep mt fingers crossed for her in a future. But since in bikinifitness it´s is all about the whole package, judges placed Anita first. In my opinion Top 6 in this category was very fair and every competitor deserved their placing. All of the girls in final round were beautiful and had great shape. Third place went to Russia, thanks to Irina Zheleyko.

Masters bikini 35-39y 163cm plus... 399 photos

MASTERS bikini 40-44 years OPEN

This category was won by the best competitor that had stepped on that stage Katarzyna Boik and I think that many of you will agree with me. She look stunning,was very elegant and had unbelievable shape. Her skin was beautiful and looked so natural and healthy. I absolutely loved Katarzyna. Estonian Jana Teder ,who I aso liked,came 2nd and another Slovakian beauty, Andrea Jaskova came 3rd. What to say after all...? Enjoy competing ladies, you were all beautiful.

Masters bikini 40-44y OPEN ... 388 photos

MASTERS bikini 45+ years OPEN

For me personally, it´s really nice to see that even ladies in this category still compete. They take care of themselves, they work out hard, prepare for a show, do their hair and makeup really well and follow the latest trends in choosing the right bikini. They even train posing, which is very important. This category was won by Polish Katarzyna Kowalik and good news went also to the Scandinavia- two Finnish competitors placed in the TOP 3. Marika Hanjurpaa came 2nd and Linda Sontag took home bronze medal. I also loved the shape and look of the Spanish Alla Petrova who came 4th. Well done ladies!

Masters bikini 45+y OPEN... 295 photos

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