5 best exercises for rounder delts

Looking for some good tips for your delts training? Barbora LABUDOVA will tell you about the exercises you should never skip!

Every woman wants to have a perfect body. However, many of us neglect exercising the upper body in stead of the fact that the X shape is considered for an ideal body type. The ABC of it are round delts, slim waist, well-defined quads and round glutes (if you´re searching for best glutes exercises, take a look at our previous article). Let´s take a look at the most effective exercises for rounder delts. The best for shoulder training is combination of complex, strength and isolated exercises.

1. Shoulder press

Press exercises belong to the basis of every training. There is no exception nor in shoulder training. The advantage is you can choose the way of exercising shoulder press – standing, sitting, with a bar, dumbbells, on shoulder press machine or multipress. It´s only up to you, everybody prefer something different. I put the shoulder press to the first exercise in my training right after the warm-up.
A different variations enable exercising all 3 delts – front, middle and rear delts using bigger weights. I recommend to do 3 working sets (understand a sets with the bigger strain) for 8 reps. If you have a problem with building the rear delts as I do, try it on shoulder press machine the other way around – face to rest. This variation enable hitting rear delts in bigger range as you do normally.

2. EZ bar upright row

This exercise is essential in my training. EZ bar makes the technique easier – it doesn´t weight down your wrists so much the barbell does. The grip can be narrow or wide, it is up to you. Don´t forget pushing the elbows to the front – this way weights down the middle deltoits much more. The well- worked middle delts round and make shoulders optical bigger.
The best is choosing a weight which enable you to do at least 10 reps in 3 working sets while keeping the technique strictly right!

3. Side lateral raises

Side lateral raises are the basic exercise for building the middle part of shoulders. Take a lightweight for this isolated exercise –less is more sometimes, especially in this exercise. The technique and number of reps are very important here. I am doing more reps especially doing isolated exercises in shoulder training – the delts regenerate very well.
You can choose the way you want – standing or sitting while doing side lateral raises. Seated are much more difficult – it enables you to feel the muscles much more. I have tried already more training methods and I found out the weight pyramid is the most convenient for me – doing the number of reps with different weights in one set (for ex. 10 reps with 7kg, 10 reps with 6kg and 10 reps with 5kg dumbbells in one set).
You could try the alternating of ,,fast“ and ,,slow“ reps too (what means doing the side lateral raises optimal alternating slower, deeply felt reps with the pause in the higher phase). I recommend doing 3-4 working sets. If your hands aren´t shaking after doing this exercise, you did it wrong. 

4. Front raises

This isolated exercise activates the front deltoits. You can do it different ways – one-handed, two- handed, standing, sitting or with cable. The basic way of doing this exercise is standed with a plate.
I recommend 3 working sets for 15 reps. If you can do more than 15 reps, pick up a bigger plate. Front deltoits are working also while chest training, that´s why you shouldn´t forget about exercising your chest muscles.

5. Bent over lateral raises

Many people underestimate exercising the rear delts. It´s necessary to do the isolated exercises for its activating in stead of the fact the rear delts are working also while training back. The thing which helps me the most is the muscle-mind connection.
There exist many variations of this exercise – on pegdeck, with a rope etc. The basis is the bent over lateral raises with dumbbells. If you want to reduce the load on lower back, you can do it seated. You can try the alternating of weights or the supersets, 3-4 working sets. Trust me, the shoulders stand a lot of pressure.


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