Arnold Classic Europe REPORT bikini fitness part1

Bikini fitness at 2018 Arnold Classic Europe - let´s take a look at the results! 

The capital of Spain – Barcelona was place of the biggest Europe sport festival this weekend. 5000 athletes came to Barcelona the 28th of september to compete at Arnold Classic Europe 2018, which is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious competitions. The one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger shared on his social sites how glad he is about the numbers – 80 000 visitors came to see 5000 athletes competing in 50 sport disciplines. Take a look at the most interesting categories for us – bikini and wellness fitness. Let´s start one after another. Friday, we could see (besides other categories) 4 of women´s bikini fitness categories – up to 158 cm, up to 160 cm, up to 162 cm and up to 164 cm.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 158cm

In the lowest category was competing 29 bikinis. New rules at ACE 2018 enabled be in semifinal only to 10 girls. The winner of this category is Anna Baikina (135), bikini from Russia, well-known because of her beautiful shape and stage presentation. She really was the most beautiful bikini on the stage. She won with 11 points.
The silver medal went to Russia too, Rita Matsolek (142) reached 12 points (the difference was only 1 point!). It´s a must to say that her form was really good and Anna probably won because of tenderness she emanates, her beautiful presentation and girly look. The both are proves that russian fitness school is the best in the world.
Beata Granakova (118) from Slovakia placed third in spite of her 4th place after round 1 in semifinal. She beat bikini from Ukraina in the final – Anastasiia Dobrosol (143) which finally end up with 4th place. My opinion is that Beata exceled in front and back positions (mainly because of her lower body) but Anastasiia looked lighter and leaner.
The top 6 refill the youngest competitor Zuzana Kardosova(she is only 18 years old!) from Slovakia (120) with standard good shape (but she should look leaner to place better in my opinion) and Yeva Morosova from Kazachstan (139). I really like an athlete with number 124 – Ekaterina Salina from Russia, finished 10th. She really catched my attention and I think she could place better. She will be rival to other athletes if she will work on her muscle quality.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 160cm

The second bikini category had 22 athletes. The best athlete was finally successful bikini from Ukraine Yana Yenko (159) despite the fact that she was on second place after semifinal. The silver medal achieved Lina Bejarano Real from Spain (163). That was her who beat Yenko in round one. I don´t agree with judges´s desicion because I really like bikinigirl on third place – Mariia Shunkova (155) from Russia. Her name wasn´t known to me up to now. She could end up at least on second place. She was beautiful – her overall look, stage presentation, bikini and shape as well. I have to say that she attracted me much more than winner.
The 4th Veronika Klinkoit (166) had the same score as Mariia in semifinal. Who else did engage my attention? Italian athlete Ottavia Mazza (149). She was good prepared and she could end up higher. The surprise for me was that judges chose to the semifinal an athlete like Cristina Fraile(150). She is much more muscular than her rivals.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 162 cm

The winner of this category is (unexpectedly) a russian bikini again. Hanna Kulinich (175) won with 9 points. Round glutes, slim waist and perfect V-shape brought her victory. Her russian colleague Iryna Hebekova (178) finished on second place. There is no doubt that they were the best in this category. Sandra Dobrunz (180) had the same score as Iryna in semifinal but she finally got the bronz medal. Pretty blondie attracted with good shape and beautiful appearance.
For me, there was one another girl who was hopeful to refill top 3 (at least top 5)– Kasia Romanovicz from UK (174). She suddenly finished 10th and didn´t reach the final 6 (I really don´t understand it). Another 3 girls in final were from Poland (Justyna Ziecina – 184), Slovakia (Radka Szombatova – 182) and Finland (Emmi Nenonen – 185), which placing was completely different in semifinal – Justyna finished 4th (R1 – th place), Radka placed 5th (she was 4th in R1) and Emmi fell from 5th place in seminifal to 6th place total. There were 16 girls in elimination up to 162cm.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 164 cm

Category up to 164 cm won Russian Ekaterina Rykova, headed by russian bikini trainer – Ekaterina Abramova who is well-known in Europe. Abramova is renowned as the co-worker with bikini Elite PRO stars as Yana Kuznetsova and Marina Mocanu. Ekaterina Rykova (192) is very attractive in spite of her back pose – she doesn´t excel with a round muscular glutes as others Russians. Despite this fact she achieved the gold medal. Iuliia Shestakova (202) is the girl which I like the most in back pose. She ended up the 3rd. If we judge the overall look (the shape and appearance too), she could achieve better placement.
The silver went to Ukraine, Kristina Korotka(189). The athlete with number 201 was the most muscular in this category but she looked pretty and feminine. Her name is Denize Steinmann and she placed 4th. The top 6 refilled 2 spanish girls – Rosa Lopez (204) and Paula Escalon Carval (206). In the semifinal, Paula had the same score as competitor placed 7th – Mayya Leonenko from Russia, who attracted with the front position. The thing which brought Paula the final placemet was Paula´s back pose, Mayya have to work more on her glutes. I have to highlight Ulpan Nurbekova (207) from Kazachstan. She looks very well. I was quite disappointed by her placement – she finished in semifinal on 9th place.


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