Arnold Classic Europe REPORT bikini fitness part2

Part 2 of our report by Barbora Labudova, what did the stage of 2018 ACE look like in bikini fitness category? 

You can read part1 HERE.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 166cm

Olga Shilina (878) achieved the victory over other 16 girls. Her biggest rival was Maria Ma-Sin-Cher (881) in my opinion. They both showed the russian ,,bikini standard“- great shape, beautiful look and an attractive presentation all in one package.On the one hand, Olga was drier and more water-less than Maria.
On the other hand, I like Maria´s fullness and backpose much more. Unfortunately, she placed 3rd. The second place was taken by Kateryna Stoianova from Ukraine (872). She looked the slightest of all competitors in this category.
The 4th and 5th place went to Kazachstan – Yana Krykpayeva (873) and Yekaterina Dimitriyeva (873). There were lot of competitors from Kazachstan here at ACE 2018. They are very good athletes in spite of fact that they aren´t very known.
Anna Fedorova (992) from Estonia refilled the final 6. I won´t give a names but it´s a must to say that some competitors should be careful with selecting bikinis. We could see there bikini bras which didn´t fit very well. Unfortunately, it impairs the overall look.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 169cm

The biggest front-runner was undoubtedly Oksana Brygidyr (901) from Ukraine. She had won lot of prestigious competitions. It doesn´t change this time – she beat her rivals with 8 points. She was competing with her standard shape (she was very good prepared as always).
Russian Mina Zavadsakaya (898) finished on the second and Olivia Cambalova (891) from Slovakia on the third place. I like Olivia much more – she gives the impression of being leaner than Mina (mainly because of her long legs).
Elena Mosina (890) placed 4th, on the 5th place finished Eliska Dombkova from Czech republic (886). For me is incomprehensible why judges did not choose to final an athlete with number 887 - Allison Testu. She is the competitor who interested me the most. If I was one of the judges, I would place her higher. In this category were competing 21 competitors in total.

BIKINI FITNESS up to 172 cm

The next-to-last category up to 172 cm had more front-runners. I was watching live stream and it was pretty clear who will fight for the top 3 - three athletes in the middle of line: Ramona Ziauberyte (915), Marta Mila (916) and Kristina Brunauer (917). Ramona finished on the first place. She looks like a competitor with lot of experiences, her shape was excellent.
Marta Mila was second and I have to say that I like her a lot. She looked a little slighter than Ramona. Moreover, I like her overall look much more. These two athletes was ,,the top level“ of this category.
Kristina Brunauer achieved a bronz medal. The others refilling the final 6 brought very similar package. The one who interested me in semifinal quarterturns was number 908. Jeanne Kassel from Germany have a beautiful V-shape (round delts and beautiful slim waist). She ended up 7th.

BIKINI FITNESS 172 cm plus

There were competing 16 girls in this category. A lot of us were curious about Xenia Sheveleva´s (938) result. We have already wrote about her (Article here ) performance at Europe Championship. She showed her standard shape but it wasn´t enough to getting the gold. I think she didn´t control her supercompensation very well - she looked much better on the photos from one day before the competition. Who did win if Xenia not?
Maryna Oborska (924) from Ukraine beaten her with 5 points (Xenia got 12)! She was looking very good but she could be a little drier in my opinion. The judges finally chose her to overall winner so they showed us a current bikini trend – strong V-shape, lean waist and dominant upper body: muscular quads and round glutes, all in one package with excellent stage presentation.
The third place went to Litva – very attractive Neda Sikinyté (925). She was very slight and elegant on the stage. I liked a bikini placed 5th – Anna Us from Ukraine (937). The quality of competitors was very high in this category and the differences between the finalists were minimum. It show us the rising level in bikini fitness and bodybuilding in general.

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