Let´s take a look at 2018 Diamond Cup Luxembourg. How did the bikini fitness and wellness fitness categories look like? 

Let´s take a look at the wellness fitness and bikini fitness categories at the 2018 Diamond Cup Luxembourg. Who looked the best by our opinion and why?


For the first time I´ve seen that for the overall title were fighting girls from the first two places from all the categories. This happened probably because of the low number of competitors, however the winner of the highest category won this title. But how did the girls from other categories look?

Bikini fitness up to 160cm

This category was won by Aldijana Karaduz-Sejdovic, who was in this competition clearly the best prepared competitor speaking about the shape. Besides that, I can tell that she has to work on her posing because she stands too wide. Also, I don´t think that it was very lucky to wear that dark bikinis. She seemed very “dark” – her tan was darker than it looked on the other competitors, she had black bikinis, dark make-up and she also has black hair, the background of the stage was also black, so I would definitely change it next time.
Jessica Serrano came 2nd and there is no doubt it was totally right decision. Jessica looked stunning, but she has to work on her lower body, posing and walking on the stage, because she definitely lost some of the good points there.
Anastasija Sidorevic ( Lithuania) brought home bronze medal, but there is also a lot of work in front of her – the first this she definitely has to change is the form of bikinis and also, she has to work on the glutes, hips and back.
Looking at the other competitors I must say – girls, pay attention to your bikinis, skin and posing! It´s just as important as your shape and makeup!

Bikini fitness up to 164cm

Eight competitors had competed in this category. And the TOP3 was formed by German girls only! For me, there was a battle for the 3rd place between Ievgeniia Filonenko (came 4th) and Anna Migale (came 3rd after all), but the more I looked at Filonenko the more I was sure that Migale deserves the medal more. I´m sure that if Filonenko works on her posing, she will be stunning and will be successful, but not this time. Migale was better in many aspects and I want to say that I liked her thin waist and quads, but she definitely has to work on glutes and shoulders. Anyways, good job, ladies, I look forward to see you on the stage again.
I really liked the top2. Janine Pylypchak took the silver medal and except for the really bad upper part of bikinis and some mistakes in posing I can’t think of a reason why she couldn’t be a really good competitor one day.
Thin waist, well developed back and nice front pose. I loved you, Janine. Sandra Dobrunz won this category and I must say that she was good in every aspect. I liked the shape, posing and makeup. Sandra, thumbs up.

Bikini fitness up to 169cm

Only 7 competitors had competed in this category and I think that the top3 was clear in the second when competitors had stepped on the stage. The only battle was for the first place and I would personally decide for Nicole Hättenschwiler (took home silver) who I found stunning almost in every aspect and for me she was better than Eliska Dombkova (Czech) who won this category.
I liked Hättenschwiler´s posing and shape better, and the fact that she got silver with the same points as Dombkova is a little upsetting. Paula Barbosa from Portugal took home bronze medal and the only thing I can say that, Paula, work on yourself. Work on muscles and posing.

Bikini fitness over 169cm

10 competitors, one Oksana Oleinik. Do I have to say more? I loved Oksana, she is an experienced competitor and I was glad to see her on the stage again. Renata Nowak from Poland took the second place and I think that many of us saw that Renata was in a good shape and did her best in the posing.
However, she took silver with the same score as Darya Sitdzikava from Belarus. I think that judges decided well and Darya (who always reminds me of Katy Perry, but I love her pink hair) needs to improve her abdominal muscles and legs but if she can do that, she will be a clear winner for me in every aspect.


10 competitors had competed in this category and I will probably say the same things as always. Wellness fitness category is just starting and we don´t know what´s the shape that is preferred. Not really. Even the TOP3 consisted of 3 different types of competitors.
The winner was Angelica Karrer from Switzerland and I think she is the real prototype of wellness fitness. I liked Angelica´s shape and I think that if she works hard, she will become a successful wellness competitor.
A European champion Nikoletta Sularz came 2nd. I´ve written about her many times but I will write about it again. The fact that in wellness fitness you don’t have to have waist as thin as in bikini fitness is here, but there has to be some proportionality and legs (that are the most important in this category) have to stand out and for that, you need to have your waist a little thinner. That’s the problem I see on Sularz, but I look forward to see her on the stage in autumn, if she will compete.
Marta Almendros from Spain came 3rd and we again saw different body type. She was more the bikini-type, but I am sure that we´ll see her improving and developing more muscular glutes and quads, if she decides to compete in next seasons. I also have to say that I liked a lady who came 5th - Esdraz Sanches . She has to work on the leaner shape.


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