Diamond Cup Madrid - report BIKINI and WELLNESS FITNESS

Read our report from the Diamond Cup in Madrid- we´ll take a look at the bikinifitness and wellness fitness category. 


There were 5 women´s bikini fitness categories at the Diamond Cup Madrid, Spain. Let´s take a look at it a little closer.

Women´s Bikini Fitness up to 158cm

This category has shown 10 women. The top 3 consist of Jessi Kavannagh from Ireland (number 164), Oyku Basar from Turkey (n.168) and Martina Virtuani from Italy (n.163). I like a lot the competitor who placed third – Martina Virtuani. I think she made the best impression. My opinion is that she could place better if she had better muscle definiton – she seemed to be very soft on the stage.
Her rivals brought a very sharp shape (in multiple cases too much). The second and last who caught my attention was number 166, Sofia Sousa from Portugal (placed 7th). I liked her front position but she should change her bikini - the bra doesn´t fit very well. To be honest, I was dissapointed after seeing a stage photos. I think that multiple competitors looked very ,,worn“ and that doesn´t make a good impression.

Women´s bikini fitness up to 158cm - photogallery: 

Women´s Bikini Fitness up to 162cm

The winner of this category Emmi Nenonen from Finland (n.175) had absolutely beaten the rivals in all aspects. She was the best-looking competitor in this category, she won in every position. It seems that the judges constantly prefered ,,the russian bikini look“ in this case. The top 3 completed the second Sabrina Grima from Malta (n.178) and the 3rd Lina Bejarano from Spain. The number 174, Victoria Peinado (placed 6th) looks like she competed in wrong category – I think she belong to bodyfitness category.

Women´s bikini fitness up to 162cm - photogallery: 

Women´s Bikini Fitness up to 166cm

Elena Miljagina from Estonia (n.189) is not well-known bikini, but I´m sure we will eventually hear a lot about her. She looked very well on the stage. I liked her shape a lot, especially in front position – her V shape, a thin waist and beautiful quads finally brought her a convincing victory. The second place went to Jessica Jonsson from Sweden (n.190). Vivien Lengyel (n.187) from Hungary placed 3rd, but I liked more the 4th competitor, Miriam Navarro (n.191). In my opinon, she had beaten Vivien in front and back position.

Women´s bikini fitness up to 166cm - photogallery: 

Women´s Bikini Fitness up to 172cm

The top 3 in next-to-last category had consisted of 3 Czech beautiful bikini competitors – Eliska Dombkova (n.202), Alexandra Voronina (n.203) and Katerina Holmanova (n.196). The best front position had Eliska Dombkova (I really like her beautiful V shape), but it´s a must to say that Alexandra Voronina looks really beautiful. She doesn´t have a greatly thin waist as her Czech colleagues (Katerina´s V shape is also excellent), but she was the most interesting for me. What´s more, she caught the attention with beautiful bikini.
My opinion is that she has the best glutes in this category. A disadvantage for her was curly hairstyle, the judges prefer the straight one in general. What I really don´t like is an appearance of some competitors – they look older than they really are. Some could think that they belong to the masters category.

Women´s bikini fitness up to 172cm - photogallery: 

Women´s Bikini Fitness over 172cm

This category was definitely the most interesting one for me. It´s because of the Russian bikini star- the one and only Xenia Sheveleva (n.207). She is the best-known bikini from all 43 bikini competitors. Moreover, she had won the overall without any problem. Xenia is remarkable for her long legs, beautiful V shape, glutes and her elegant presentation. She confirmed that Russian bikinis are the best of best.
I also like pretty Mari Pukk from Estonia (n.206), placed second. The 3rd one, Oliwia Mojsiej (n.208) looked good in front position, but she lose in other poses – she should work on her glutes to be comparable in back position with her rivals. The both remaining competitors didn´t interest me. I must note that I really don´t like the tattooed bikinis in general. I think that big and well-marked tattoos distract the attention and impair the total impression.

Women´s bikini fitness over 172cm - photogallery: 



In this case, we´re talking only about one category- wellness fitness OPEN. Let´s take a look at the women competing in this category. 

This category was composed of 13 contestants. I have to highlight the winner of this competition - beautiful Olga Kulinych from Ukraine. For me she is the pure prototype of wellness competitor- elegant, sexy, strong. Beautiful face, makeup, hairstyle and also her shape is brilliant. Olgas presentation is absolutely perfect and she brought an amazing whole package on stage.
After all Urania Politis from Switzerland placed 2nd with good proportions, strong legs and well-built upper body. Marcela Telles from Brazil placed 3rd – also beautiful appearance, shape and presentation. I found her better than Urania and honestly I would place her second. Angélica Karrer from Switzerland placed 4th. In my opinion she is too muscular and I thought that Elena Álamo from Spain (5th place) would be in front of her. The biggest surprise for me was 6th place for Tatiana Naddennaia from Czechia I thought she’ll be in the first three.
But after all, judges know why they decided that way or at least should know. To summarize – I think that all girls in finals were really great and this category was strong indeed.

Women´s wellness fitness OPEN - photogallery: 


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