Let´s take a look at the Diamond Cup OSTRAVA and watch photogalleries from BIKINI and WELLNESS FITNESS


Less competitors, less prestigious Diamond Cup! We could mostly see the Czech competitors taking part at this Diamond Cup and to be honest I don’t really get why there were 4 categories of bikinifitness if the competitors could have been easily split in 2 categories. However, there were some of the competitors who deserve to be spoken about.

Bikini fitness up to 158cm

There were 6 competitors and that was the category with the highest number of competitors. This category was won by Slovak competitor Beata Granakova, who also placed 2nd in overall and got Elite PRO Card. I must say that I absolutely loved Beata’s shape and it was a nice surprise to see her competing again.
Beata brought a nice combination of beautiful presentation, posing, makeup, hairstyle,bikini and very good shape on stage. Irina Luchyshyna placed second and I can say that even though I think her shape could be slightly better, she was lovely and the second place in this category with these competitors was well deserved.
Oyku Tunceli from Turkey came 3rd. I think she should work on her presentation a bit more, but also, in this competition the bronze medal was deserved. However, I don’t quite get how Dolezalova from Czech Republic placed 4th. In my opinion her lower body is bit too muscular and I think she would have great future in wellness category.

Bikini fitness up to 166cm

Again. Why 4 categories of bikini fitness?! There were only 4 girls this height category. Masters bikini fitness overall champion Radka Szombathova from Slovakia won this category and that was without any doubts.
Gold for Radka was deserved in this competition but I would love to watch the battle between Granakova and Szombathova if they were in the same category.
Andrea Osvat placed 2nd and looking at her, I can´t help it but to me she´s more the bodyfitness type.
Miriam Vachalikova from Slovakia placed 3rd and maybe, just maybe in this competition she deserved to be 2nd.

Bikini fitness up to 169cm

Again won by Slovak competitor- Olivia Cambalova who had placed 2nd at the European Championships.
Olivia for me looked like the only one from this category who have actually planned to compete at this Diamond Cup. Olivia looked good and even though I know it was not her best shape ever, I liked what she brought on the stage.
Eliska Dombkova from Czech Republic placed 2nd and Juliia Svyrydova from Ukraine placed 3rd.

Bikini fitness over 169cm

A category with 6 competitors, won by Veronika Zemanova, who had also won overall. She could have been in a better shape I think. Bit leaner and sharper legs, and I also think that the fact she is Czech helped her a bit to win the overall, but that’s of course just my opinion.
For me, Granakova looked a bit better. However the placement of Zemanova was deserved and she was clearly the best from this category. Katerina Holmanova (Czech Republic) placed 2nd and for me the battle for second place was between her and the lady who placed 3rd, Oliwia Mojsiej from Poland. In my eyes battle won Mojsiej, in the real one- Holmanova.


Four competitors and a big surprise- European Champion Sularz placed 3rd!
The actual placements were the same as if I waw to made decision. Tatiana Naddennaia from Czech Republic placing first and very good competitor, again Czech Stepanka Weissova placing second.
I wont talk about Naddennaia much, she is almost a PRO in this and she definitely had the best shape here. However Weissova was a big surprise to me and a perfect prototype of wellness fitness. Maybe she should work on a wider back, but for me, she was beautiful and she was very pleasant to look at .
Nikoletta Sularz placed 3rd as I mentioned above. I´ve talked about this in report from European Championships, but once again, I don’t like Nikoletta´s thick waist and she should definitely work on this.


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