Eating disorders in common life - bulimia

Read our article by Barbora LABUDOVA about eating disorders in common life, this time about bulimia. 

Eating disorders are one of the most frequent mental disorders nowadays. Have you ever met with some of them? Do you know what problems they can cause? Read an article about bulimia to learn more about it.

What is bulimia?

Bulimia nervosa is a mental and eating disorder characterized by periods of binging (overeating) followed by purging – in most cases vomiting or exessive exercising, using laxative and fasting. Suffering people have a fear of gaining weight but in contrast to anorexia, not all of them are underweight. People with bulimia can be also overweight or obese. Bulimia is a serious mental illness. Suffering people need help and intensive treatment. It´s the only way to recover. There are two types of bulimia:
1. Purging type: this type accounts for the majority of cases of those suffering from this eating disorder. In this form, they engage in self-induced vomiting or abuse of laxatives, diuretics, or enemas after a period of binging.
2. Non-Purging type – In this form the individual use other inappropriate methods of compensation for binge periods, such as excessive exercising or fasting.


How to know that someone is suffering from bulimia?

  • he/she abnormally controls his/her body
  • he/she is afraid of gaining weight
  • he/she refuses to eat with other people
  • he/she has a small red spots on the face
  • he/she has broken blood vessels within the eyes
  • he/she is lacking in control during eating
  • he/she is switching periods of overeating to fasting
  • he/she is using the bathroom after eating
  • he/she has a problem with bad breath

How does bulimia affects your body?

Bulimia causes not only big psychical problems. It means very big stress for your body. Daily vomiting or using laxative may cause arrhythmia and other heart conditions, in some cases heart attacks and death. Vomiting damages your teeth, creates problems with bad smell from your mouth and causes chronic gastric reflux (digestive disorder), which causes a burning pain in the lower chest area. It happens when stomach acid flows back up into the food pipe. Moreover, women with bulimia have a serious problems with period.

How to cure bulimia?

Bulimia is a serious mental and eating disorder. People with bulimia need a professional help. They must visit a therapist. He helps them manage stress and avoid the periods of binging and purging and gives them some type of antidepressants. The other type is a group therapy. People with the same problems may help to understand how serious problems they caused to their bodies and moreover, it can gives them ,,extra strenght“ to fight it. Suffering people in group therapy don´t feel alone. Very effective is also an inpatient treatment. Professional doctors help you manage vomiting reflex after eating.
Every treatment for bulimia usually includes necessary measures:

  • Discontinuing the binge-purge cycle: The initial phase of treatment for bulimia involves breaking this harmful cycle and restoring normal eating behaviors.
  • Improving negative thoughts: The next phase of bulimia treatment concentrates on recognizing and changing irrational beliefs about weight, body shape, and dieting.
  • Resolving emotional issues: The final phase of bulimia treatment focuses on healing from emotional issues that may have caused the eating disorder. Treatment may address interpersonal relationships and can include cognitive behavior therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, and other related therapies.

A few recovery (or prevent) tips:

  • Focusing on therapy
  • Taking medications as directed
  • Getting enough of sleep
  • Eating when hungry, and stop when full
  • Appreciating your body
  • Say “no” to diets
  • Being open and honest about recovery
  • Being aware of the risk of relapse
  • Doing things that make you happy
  • Planning ahead

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