Elite PRO Madrid- bikini and wellness fitness

Read our report by Alica HEVEROVA and Barbora LABUDOVA about Elite PRO competiton in Madrid and watch photogalleries. 


Let´s take a quick look at the results of 2018 IFBB Elite PRO Madrid show. How did the bikini fitness categorie look like?

When it comes to a first place there is no doubt about the winner if Yana Smith Kuznetsova is competing. Why? Because of her amazing so-called whole package on stage. Honestly i always knew her as a red-bikini kind of a bikinigirl but she suprised me a lot at this competition. She replaced her red bikini with blue ones and also changed her hairstyle a little. Yana is always well prepared and i can say that currently there’s no competitor who could beat her as you can see from result lists.
So the clear winner of this competition with 3 points is YANA SMITH KUZNETSOVA from Russia.
In my opinion other girls were lagging behind her a lot mostly in terms of presentation. DENIZ SAYINAR from Turkey placed second, same as at Elite Pro Johannesburg. She had a nice shape although her legs are a bit shorter compared to others and she could improve her presentation on stage as well. But in general she looked nice and she deserved second place.
KARINA GAVRIKOVA from Hungary placed third with 11 points. Olga Korchaka from Russia place 4th with 12 points and Paula Mocior from Poland placed 5th with 13 points. Other girls got 22 and more points so the difference was pretty high.

Elite PRO Madrid Bikini fitness - photogallery: 


Let´s take a look on wellness fitness category.

In Madrid, there was 9 competitors in this category. We could say that Elite PRO wellness fitness are more muscular than the amateurs. This category is for women who have highly developed quads, hammies and glutes.
These 9 competitors in Madrid had also very developed upper body. In my opinion, they have already reached ,,borders“ which shouldn´t be exceeded. The winner, Getta Beqa from Kosovo (number 83), won undoubtedly with 4 points. She is probably the best known competitor because of her successes – she won the overall on World championship, Arnold Classic Europe, Diamond cup and finally entered into Elite PRO. She attracted judges with her detailed muscle definition, dominant lower body, thin waist and very attractive appearance. On the other side, she shouldn´t continue with developing upper body as I already mentioned.
The top 3 completed Deydania Mauricio (n.79) from Curacao and Carina Marques (n.87) from Portugal. Number 84, Katia De Satiro from Italy, got my attention with her front position. She should improve the glutes to achieve the top 3. In Madrid, she took the 4th place.

Elite PRO Madrid Wellness fitness - photogallery: 


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