How does the competition day look like?

In this article, we´ll try to help you out with the competition day. How does it look like and what do you need? Barbora LABUDOVA will explain it to you.

On the Instagram and other social media we can see many photos of beautiful bikini competitors, wearing a bold make-up and shiny bikinis. All of us can see the „glam“ only, but do you ever think about how the competition day looks like in reality?


Lot of competitors used to do their competition tanning the day before, epecially if you are doing the tan yourself. The competition tans are available in stores with some fitness stuff or online.
There are more brands, the most popular are JanTana and ProTan. The cheapest and the most safe way is to buy a bottle of tan and ask your mum/ trainer/ friend to help you with tanning. These brands use to have a big tanning tent in the place of competition, where the professionals could do your tan right before the competition.
This way of tanning is the fastest way you could get your tan but there are also some negatives: you have to book your tanning a long time before the competition. They give you a time of tanning according to order of categories on the competition. Besides you, there are many competitors who are waiting for the tanning too. It could happen that you won´t be tanned on time – there were many cases when bikini girls didn´t manage it to the competition in time. Moreover, this tanning is even more expensive.

Competition make-up

There are more and more competitors which are booking the make-up in pro beauty salons. In the past, bikini competitors didn´t consider the make-up as important as nowadays. The best bikini stars know the make-up could help them a lot with creating a perfect overall look.
You should think of multiple details: the face make-up has to match with your competition tan and also the contouring is very important – a good make-up artist knows how to bring out your positives and hide the imperfections.
The make-up artist use to go to the backstage with competitors but you shouldn´t do your makeup just before competition. If you decide to do the make-up yourself, I recommend you to do it at home. In the backstage, you never know when you go to the stage. It´s  better to be prepared.

Presentation of competitors

There is the presentation of competitors on every competition. It menas the registration of competitors which came to compete. Despite the fact that every competitor has to send an application, every competitor has to be a part of this registration – after that the judges create the categories and devide the competitors.
While the presentation you have to wear your competition bikini which must be convenient accordning to rules of IFBB – the lower part has to cover at least one third of your glutes and all the bikini area.
You have to pay there the starting charge and prove yourself with valid IFBB card.
The bikini girls are divided according to height so, the judges are measuring the competitors on the presenation. Moreover, everybody is drawing hers competition number.


All the competitors are gathered in the backstage. They are preparing here for semifinal and final rounds.
The waiting time is mostly about 3-4 hours, in the case of bikini fitness could be this time even longer. It isn´t a rule but the bikini category is mostly the last.
Every experienced competitor is taking there some stuff which help her with long waiting – some pad, a blanket and slippers. You have to find the place where you stay all day. You couldn´t count on chairs, tables or bench – the only place where you can surely put your things on is the floor. You do everything in this place during the competition – get your make-up and hair done, change the bikinis, relax etc.
RIght before going to the stage, the competitors are warming up there. You have to bring your own bands, dumbells or whatever – it is not the part of backstage.

Entrance to the stage

Before you get to the stage, the organizers call the competitors according to their numbers. They are waiting next to the stage, they are entering on the stage in the line. After the semifinal rounds, they are returning back to the backstage.
The organizers use to ask the competitor to not move away because in short time they get the list with number of competitors, who were succesful and go to the final round. They are lined up again and after few minutes, they are a part of final round. The evaluation is coming after, at ome competition also overall round. After the competition, everyone is packing their stuff and leaving the place of competition.

What is in the suitcase of bikini competitor?

Everyone has their own know-how so, we don´t know all the hacks and things which are in the competition suitcase. Let´s write down some things you surely need or these, which could helps you on this day.

  •  Competition bikinis
  •  Reserve bikinis (optional, but you have to count with a possibility of damage of your bikinis)
  •  Competition heels (the rules of IFBB say you have to wear a heels without any platform)
  •  Dressing gown (it will be useful while moving over the backstage)
  •  Competition tan
  •  Card of competitor
  •  Make-up case
  •  Brush
  •  Hair iron
  •  Pad
  •  Blanket
  •  Slippers
  •  Loose comfy clothes (something you could put on when it is cold outside but you won´t damage your tanning with it).

For the best image of the competition day, lets take a look on backstage photos on Expect another article about how the semifinals and finals looks like and something about awarding points according to IFBB rules. Stay tuned!


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