How to spend Christmas without limits and compuctions at the same time?

Is it possible to spend Christmas without limits and continue with progress? Barbora LABUDOVA is here to tell you! 

Only a few days left to the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas means the birth of Jesus Christ, giving gifts and lots of delicious food, pastry, cakes and time spent with family. We all face many questions during this time: „What am I supposed to eat during Christmas? Can I have a turkey for dinner? I love cakes and cookies, should I lock myself in my room?“ Are you stressed because of these holidays? Are you losing weight and you dont want to endanger your progress? Trust me, keeping the weight the same during christmas holidays is not really a big problem.

Girls, lets be honest. Every one has overeaten at least one time during Christmas. Ask yourself a question: Why? There is not written in the Bible that you should eat 4k calories in honour of Christ. On the other hand, it doesnt mean that you have to prepare a chicken breast and broccoli one day before the Christmas. As somebody said:. You should know where the limits are – in fitness lifestyle but in ignoring the diet too.

Binge eating and excuses

If you have been working-out during the whole year, you have already noticed when the attendance goes up and when it goes down. People are used to excusing on holidays, feasts, weddings and others events. Why? Naturally, excusing is A LOT easier than controling your eating and leaving the sofa because of gym.
Its necessary to know that Christmas are holidays of „pleasure, silnece and love“, not of „binge eating, laziness and doing nothing“. Moreover, many gyms are open during Christmas holiday – even on Christmas eve morning.

Ignoring the diet

However, many of us live in mistaken idea that our bodies are not counting the calories during the Christmas and all of food is leaving to the space without calories in our tummies (or, what is even worse – you know that you will gain the weight but you have a perfect excuse: everybody will gain the weight during holidays). NO WAY! It doesn't matter if you have a birthday party, nameday, a wedding or its Christmas holidays – your body works always the same way. Nobody said its forbidden to treat yourself the things you denied.
Eat what you want, it´s only up to you but you should think about consequences. If you were writing a hashtag #healthylifestyle under every photo you shared, think about if overeating is really healthy for your body. You can keep the diet during the Christmas Eve too. Moreover, you can treat yourself the dinner.
How? There are lots of mobile apps which can count your caloric intake and it takes you only few seconds – for example Myfitnesspall or Caloric tables. What if you dont want to count the calories? Yes, we are only humans and everybody needs the rest – turning the head and body off during the holidays at least once a year. In this case follow the rule – „too much is not a good thing“. You can treat yourself the dinner and cakes during watching the fairy tales. If you were keeping your diet the whole year, one „free“ evening won´t ruin your progress for sure.
Moreover, the Christians are fasting all day to dinner – if you will keep it, there will be enough free calories for dinner and some cakes. Attention - It doesn´t mean you can stoke up 3 times and prolong it to the feast marathon from the Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve.

Is it necessary to keep the traditions?

There are many traditions in connection with Christmas. There are mothers/ grandmothers that does not force the others to keep the Christmas traditions before the dinner. Many families put the traditions away and they change the Christmas Eve´s menu the way they want. The traditions are good if you are not forced to keep it.
Talk with your family and arrange the menu which will suit everybody. There are lots of Christmas cooking books which are in sale since november. They will give you lots of alternatives. The meals in christmas Eve´s menu should be a reward for fasting all day. It means that you should pick up the meal which is a delight for you. So if you love grilled meat with mashed poatatos – make it.
To the one who want to keep the tradition – try to make the meals a healthier way. Your dad maybe will oppose but I am sure the others will like it. And if they won´t? Make the dinner only for yourself. It takes you 6 minutes to grill the fish and make a salad. It isn´t rocket science..

Everything you will eat and do during the holidays is only up to YOU. Don´t put the blame on Christmas, mum or grandmother. You should think about the reality which will come after the Christmas. If you´ll choose resting and ignoring the rules and diet, the scale will show you the number you surely won´t like.


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