IFBB Elite PRO Johannesburg - bikini & wellness fitness

Elite PRO Johannesburg- bikini and wellness fitness categories. Read our quick report! 

Let´s take a quick look at the results of 2018 IFBB Elite PRO Johannesburg. How did the wellness fitness and bikini fitness categories look like?

IFBB Elite PRO Bikini fitness

Big surprise for everyone – The fact that Russian Yana Smith Kuznetsova wasn't competing had loads of people thinking that Marina Mocanu will take the gold. However, it did not happen and Marina placed 4th .
Stunning Kristina Narbutaityte placed 3rd and her elegant presentation and beautiful overall look only proved that she really deserves the PRO status.
Deniz Saypinar from Turkey took 2nd place and in my opinion she differs a little bit from the rest of the bikini competitors. Her lower body is slightly a bit bigger if you compare it with others but I don't think the judges see it as a problem. Her overall look was very impressive but I still think there is a room to improve her presentation bit more.
Tiny waist, gorgeous big smile, perfect I-walk and great contact with the judges. These were the main keys which beautiful Inge Daniella Moeller from Argentina brought on stage and what made her a winner of the PRO show!

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IFBB Elite PRO Wellness fitness

Comparing the wellness standard we could see here and at the European Championships, I must say that Europe did not quite understand what the wellness category is meant to be about.
Sina Teresa from Angola placed 3rd and besides her shoes which were not the usual ones( with transparent straps), I absolutely loved her I walk and her shape – strong big legs and upper body with just bit more mass than we see in the bikini category.
Another Angolan - Elaine Ranzatto brought home with her silver medal. Strong legs and again unusual shoes. Elaine was really good and I liked her shape and her nicely defined muscles a lot.
Applause for these two Angolan beauties! But the queen of the stage was Angela Borges from Brazil. For me she is pure example of how the wellness category should look like. Elegant, sexy, strong and defined. Her presentation was beautiful and we could all see that she really enjoyed being on stage. And this should be the reason why to do this sport, shouldn’t it?

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