Is a breast augmentation neccessary if I want to be successful in fitness?

Barbora LABUDOVA will tell you, if it´s really neccessary. The answear may surprise you!

Sit down and start thinking. We live in the time where the social media and a public opinion influence us in big measure. Fitness has a very big influence to many people. There´s nothing to be surprised at – the photos of well-defined bodies, beautiful bikini competitors and the billboards with sales of supplements were almost everywhere this year. It encouraged many girls, women and men to start working with their bodies – loosing weight, gaining muscles, no speak about how the competing did make popular the last years.
Bikini fitness is one of the most attractive categories. Young girls are looking up a well-known fitness models with competing ambitions. The majority of them started a years ago, when the competitors from America in PRO league were doing the trend – almost every competing had a breast augmentation.
People use to connect bikini fitness to this till now. Let´s ask a question – is it really necessary and needed to be operated because of competing?

What exactly means the breast augmentation?

The breast augmentation is a plastic surgery done because of aesthetic reason. It´s an insertion of silicone implants under the pectorals completely, partiallyor under the mammary glands. You can choose a size and form you want. Too few women realize its seriousness. This surgery is a big intervention and there could be serious complications post-surgery – the surgeon does a big section under the breast line or in the armpit. After that, he put the silicon implant there. It´s a plastic object which is not natural to your body at all.
The second thing which you have to realize is a re-surgery needed in few years. It´s because of possibility that implants will deform owing to training or breast- feeding (a mammary glands changes during the lactation) and other factors.
In spite of that you must be tested pre and post surgery, it happens that your body doesn´t accept the implants so re-surgery is necessary in a while after the augmentation. The pacient is suffering from pains in chest a couple weeks after the surgery. The price depends on plastic clinic which does the surgery. It´s from 1500- 4000€ on the average.

The breast augmentation and successful competitors

Before the separation of IFBB International and IFBB Pro League was the Olympia the biggest fitness and bodybuilding show in the world. The category ,,Bikini Olmypia“ was its part since 2010. This time was the breast augmentation considered a part of competing in this category. Surely, an exception confirms the rules – we founded there a competitors without this surgery too. The one of these is Jessica Arevalo which was competing in NPC Pro League for years. She also did the nomination for the Olympia for 2 times. She showed a perfect shape in flawessly done bikinis – trust me, I started believe the fact she doesn´t have the augmentation even after seeing the photos from training. Her chest looked amazing on the stage, indistinguishable from these, which had the sugrery done. Many people claim that small boobies aren´t sexy and the implants does the symmetry. To be honest, the X shape – round deltoits, slim waist, well-defined quads and full glutes are doing the symmetry. Ask yourself a question – does Jessica not seem to be sexy?

Nowadays, there is a lot of bikini competitors which are successful even without breast surgery. The russian bikinis made this trend followed by more and more girls. In a perfect tailored bikini look so good you can´t find the difference.
Zuzana Kardosova is one of the well-known Slovakian competitors in amateur bikini fitness category. She looks ellegant, symmetrical and nothing is missing her on the stage because of good sewed bikini.
Remember the Russian bikini star Yana Smith Kuznetsova. She didn´t have the breast surgery during all her successful amateur career.
The Ukrainian Oksana Brygidyr had the surgery done in the beginning of this year before the start in Elite PRO League. I have to say that I like her even more before the augmentation.

There are many girls which made their overall looks eve worse after having this surgery done. at world level competitions, we can see the competitors which have the breast badly done – the boobs are leaving one another, it´s uncovering the chest and the ribs sometimes. The boobies are far apart so it doesn´t look good.
The other fault is when they are very big and close one to another. None of these examples is looking naturally and it takes away the points from overall score. In some cases, the bad done bikini makes worse impression.
Much more serious problem is a deformation of implants. This deformation can cause many factors. There are cases when the breast deforms because of pacient´s fault, if she didn´t keep the recovery after surgery.
The pacient doesnt influence the other conditions – her body doesnt have to accept the implants (some women could have an allergy to silicone) and then a serious complications begin.

The most frequent problem nowadays is surgeon or clinic´s failure. In fact, not all surgeons are certified and reliables. There are a plactic clinics in Slovakia, which are working because of one aim – earn money at the expense of pacients (surely, it isn´t only about the breast surgery but the other plactic surgeries too).
Nikol Klimova is a wellness fitness competitor from Slovakia. She shared her own experience few days ago. Nikol had the breast augmentaton done at exclusive plastic clinic Victoria Regia in Bratislava, december 2017.
The surgery was done by MUDr. Vladimir Zachar. Nikol didn´t feel good right after the augmentation. She noticed that her boobs didnt look the way she wanted before the surgery. The cilisone implant was looking shapeless and crammed under the skin. The surgeon and owner of clinic calmed her – it´s only because of bloating after surgery, they say.
Her condition was getting worse on aesthetic and health point of view too. Today is almost one year after the augmentation. She has a serious health problems and her breast looks the way she didn´t imagine in the worst dream for sure. The even worst is that she isnt the only one victim of this clinic. Many women were writing to her after sharing her problem.
All have on thing in common – all were operated by MUDr. Zachar. They all arent satisfied with the result of surgery and they are suffering from serious health problems. Moreover, I found many critique of this surgeon at Slovak web forum.
Nikol starts to plead a lawsuit with this clinic. The owne of clinic Silvia Victoria Regia blocked Nicol on every social profile. She is changing the adress of her clinic almost every 2 weeks. Nowadays, the ,,exclusive“ plastic clinic Victoria Regia is specialised in aesthetic acts.

Consider a lot all the positives and negatives of the breast augmentation after reading this article. It´s necessary to know it´s a serious plastic surgery which changes your body forever. You have to count with possible complications after surgery. If you decide to have this surgery done, Take care of right selection of clinic and surgeon as well. Nikol´s problem is not the first nor the last case. Lets hope that the sharing of her problem will help prevent the other women from happening the same health problems and huge troubles.


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