It’s not weights that make you heavy, the cake does

What benefits does training have for women? Let´s find out in Alica Heverova´s article today!

A lot of women all over the world are not satisfied with themselves. They want to change their body, loose some fat, tone their abs, have those long skinny thighs & sexy peachy butt, but wait… they are afraid of weights and choose to do long cardio sessions instead. Ladies, I beg you, read this article carefully and pay attention, big time! There is an enormous amount of benefits of weight training among women. Here are some proves. By lifting weights you:

• Lose Body Fat & burn more calories

Weight training builds lean muscle and thanks to that your metabolism increases. A higher metabolism means that you will burn more calories all day long. Weight training has been proven to raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after a workout. After an intense workout there is more EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) that helps to break down fat stores in the body.

• Gain Strength Without Bulking

One of the most common reasons women avoid weight training is because they are afraid of “bulking.” But this physically just can’t happen. Women simply don’t have that amount of testosterone to build muscle like men. Women have approximately 30 times less testosterone than men and have a much harder time gaining real muscles.

• Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis

By lifting weights you not only gain muscles, but what’s so important for health – you strengthen your bones. Weight training increases bone density, which reduces the risk of fractures and broken bones.

• It’s never been easier to give a birth

Lifting weights also increases lone bone density. And you know what that mean? Exactly. Giving a birth is so much easier for women who exercise regularly. This is a priceless benefit for moms to be.

• Reduce Risk of Injury & pain

Weight training also increases strength in connective tissues and joints. Strong joints, ligaments, and tendons are important to prevent injury and relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Weight-training will strengthen your back, shoulders, and core, helping to correct bad posture so that you can stand taller, with shoulders back and spine straight. A stronger back and core will also prevent lower back pain.

• Enhance Mood and Reduce Stress

Exercise and weight-training release happy hormones - endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that prevent pain, improve mood, and fight depression. An increased in endorphins naturally reduces stress and anxiety. They also stimulate the mind, improving alertness and boosting energy. Weight-training can brighten your entire day or help you combat a bad one.

• Help you get curves

No workout can give you curves like strength training. Since lifting weights can help you build lean muscle mass, you will be able to shed fat and add toned curves to certain areas of your body. Use dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, or your body weight. By doing full-body strength training, you will get the right amount of curves in the right area. What else can you wish for, right?

I have one more thing to say. I’ve already told you, that you can’t “bulk” because you are a woman, you don’t have that much testosterone as a man does and that you don’t have that genetics. BUT! One big but. If you don’t wanna look bulky, huge or don’t wanna be heavy. If you want to have those lean muscles and not some huge ones, you have to watch out what you eat. That’s no news I hope. Your diet needs to be balanced. Be aware of that. And if you don’t know what the balanced diet means, check our website and I’m sure you’re gonna get it girl.


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