Junior bikini fitness at 2018 European Championships

We could see 3 categories of junior bikini competitors on the stage at 2018 European Championships. Let´s take a quick look at them!

Junior bikini competitors were supposed to compete in 3 categories, sorted by the age. First was supposed to be 16-19 years, second category – 20-21 years and third 22-23 years. However, this did not happen due the low number of competitors – so the old way of competition was more suitable and junior bikini competitors competed in 3 categories sorted by height – up to 160, up to 166 and over 166cm like in the past.

JUNIOR bikini fitness up to 160cm

Category with 11 competitors. Patrycja Slaby won this bikini category, Nikoleta Subova from Slovakia came second and Yana Sukhovolskaya also from Slovakia took bronze medal.
Slaby was beautiful on the stage and had a really tiny waist, which in my opinion was her biggest advantage. However, I would consider to change the top of the bikini, which was a little bit too big and covered a lot from Slaby´s back in the front pose.
I would personally not place Subova second, for me the fight for first position was supposed to be between Sukhovolskaya and Slaby, but the judges clearly appreciated Subova´s shape.
It´s also a pity that Sukhovolskaya had some troubles with the tan on her right hamstring and that could have caused a little bit of underjudging of her.
I´ve also liked shape of Karina Polovnikova from Estonia who came 7th, I would give her the chance in the final round.

Junior bikini fitness up to 160cm .... 412 photos

JUNIOR bikini fitness up to 166cm

There were 21 bikini girls in this category and it was also the only junior category with the elimination round.
This category was won by Valeriia Buhaieva (only 16-year-old bikini competitor!) from Ukraine, Mariia Sokolova from Russia took the silver medal and Timea Trajtelova from Slovakia came 3rd.
Valeriia is young and perspective competitor. She was in good shape and her presentation was very elegant. I would personally place Sokolova first, even though she had a little bit of trouble with the tan in the back pose and raised her left leg in the back pose off the floor. So, I absolutely understand judges decision after the first round when Sokolova and Buhaieva got the same points-11.
I think many of the fitness fans were expecting Trajtelova to win. She won almost everytime she stepped on the stage this year- mostly Diamond Cups. But I think we´ve seen better shape of Trajtelova before. However we can´t take that away from her that everytime she steps on the stage ,she is always stunning and she owns that stage.
The problem with tan was very common at this competition- Vanessa Szabadova, from Slovakia also had such problems with the tan on her back, but I liked her shape and I would place in top 6.
The rule in this category should be- watch the package girls. Pay attention to the little details ,small things and pose a lot. It´s important on the stage!

Junior bikini fitness up to 166cm .... 741 photos

JUNIOR bikini fitness over 166cm

Exactly 15 competitors competed in this category. Neda Silkinyté from Lithuania took gold medal, Albina Ustymenko from Ukraine placed second and Russian Olga Sakmennova came 3rd.
I did not really prefer anyone in this category. Neda won with the same score as the 2nd Ustymenko. I´ve personally liked Ustymenko´s full package more, but Silkinyté was elegant and it was very nice to look at how she´s enjoying the stage and I think that this was also one of the reasons why the judges choosed her as a European Champion.
I liked Reetta Virtanen from Finland too, but she needs to put more work into the posing and girls also need to focus on the makeup, because it can make a big difference too.

Junior bikini fitness over 166cm .... 441 photos

JUNIOR bikini fitness overall

Neda Silkinyté won overall title, which is a strong message to the rest of the world- you don´t have to be from Russia to win in bikini fitness. You have to be well prepared - be in a good shape ,makeup must matches your bikini, have a perfect tan and beautiful smile.
But to be honest, Slaby or Buhaieva were beautiful too and if they´ll gain more experience, I expect that they'll soon become one of the best competitors in Europe.

Junior bikini fitness overall .... 68 photos


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