Ksenia Romanova - her first Elite PRO win

Let´s take a look at Ksenia Romanova´s first Elite PRO competition. She took home gold from Aruba. 

We all already know that russian hottie Ksenia Romanova belonged to the best bikini amateur girls worldwide. After participating in big amount of amateur competitions, she decided to transfer to the league for the best of bests – Elite PRO Bikini. Our redactor Alica Heverová had already written about Ksenia´s way to winning the Elite PRO card . Did she start off on the right foot? Read the article.

We finally saw Ksenia´s expected transfer to Elite PRO world. She decided to move on after competing at Grand Prix Baikal, her last amateur competition.
Grand Prix Baikal has high class, the russian girls are all very good-looking. Ksenia took 2nd place here, Anna Baikina beat her and won their category.
Ksenia shared on her instagram profile the photography with all her medals with description:,, Go to Elite PRO. I think I am ready.”.

She chose her first Elite PRO competition in her PRO career – Giovanni Classic Aruba (IFBB Elite PRO).
In bikini fitness category competed 11 athletes. Before the competition, Ksenia confided to her followers that she changed something in supercompensation – she was eating sweet potatoes before competition.
It was for the first time so we could say, she run the risk and it payed off! Romanova won the first competition in her Elite PRO career!
She scored 3 points – all the judges gave her one point and she had masterfully beaten her rivals. There was 5 polish bikini girl, one of them –
Paula Mocior took 2nd place, she scored 7 points. The third place went to Florr Moran from El Salvador.
The top 5 completed Paulas polish colleagues – Renata Nowak and Malgorzata Flis. Romanova´s victory affirmed the russian trend in Elite PRO bikini category.
Perfect V-shape, tight waist and developed round glutes guaranteed her victory. Moreover, she showed an amazing stage presentation – elegant, fluent moves and walk were absolutely breathless. Ksenia Romanova proved again that she definitely belongs to the best bikini competitors all around the world.
No one could envy her start in Elite PRO. Moreover, in Aruba she achieved the ,,ticket” to Elite PRO World Championship in China, november this year. This year doesn´t end yet and we all will curiously follow what it will bring. Ksenia is undoubtedly bikini diva and we wish her best of luck!


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