Kuznetsova has succeeded in the 2018 Elite PRO Show Nafplio

Yana Kuznetsova from Russia won the Premier European competition in PRO Bikinifitness category, which took place in Greece.

The European Pro bikinifitness category is clearly dominated by Russian Yana Kuznetsova - who won her IFBB PRO League card in 2016 when she placed 2nd in Overall at The IFBB Diamond Cup Žilina, when Saskia Cakoci was the only one to beat her. Kuznetsova took advantage of this opportunity in the next few months, having competed in Europe (and the rest of the world), and thanks to her winning at 2016 EVLS Prague PRO show, she was able to enter PRO Bikinifitness category at 2017 Olympia Weekend. Her debut in Las Vegas was better than expected and she managed to place 10th (which is the best result to date for a European bikini competitor at Olympia weekend), although the truth is that many thought she deserved to be at least in TOP6 .

With the creation of a new organization - IFBB International (after separation from NPC - IFBB PRO League) covers the competition for professional athletes, Yana Kuznetsova did not hesitate and got transferred to Elite PRO. Her results confirm that she made right move as she regularly wins in Bikini PRO. She also won the 2018 Elite PRO show in Nafplio, Greece, which gave her right to compete in the Elite PRO World Championships in the autumn.

The second place winner in Greece was Kristina NARBUTAITYTÉ, former Junior World Champion from Lithuania, third place went to Hana KULINICH -2017 IFBB World Champion , who got to Elite PRO category just litte while before the Pro bikinifitness category got on the stage and that by winning 1st place in Overall at 2018 IFBB President Santonja's Cup Nafplio.

Kuznetsova has succeeded in the 2018 Elite PRO Show Nafplio



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