Polycystic ovary system- PCOS

What is PCOS and how is it connected with bikini fitness? Read article by Barbora LABUDOVA and find out how can PCOS complicate your prep. 

You surely ask yourself some questions like: ,,What does it mean? How is it connected with bikini fitness?“. I am not surprised because I had no idea what this complicated term means. PCOS is another consequence of competing on women's health. It´s another prove that preparation for competition and healthy lifestyle don´t belong together at all.
My first ,,meeting“ with PCOS happened a few weeks ago at the gynaecologist´s. She told me: ,,The mot likely explanation of your problem is polycystic ovary syndrom.“ I turned pale in a moment so she tried to calm me down and explain it: PCOS is one of the most frequent gynaecologic diseases nowadays. Tha last researches detected the number – 5-10% of women of childbearing age has problems with this syndrom. The main signs are irregular or sporadic menstruation, acne, problems with excessive hair and others.

How does it arise?

In the past, the obesity was considered as the main cause of commencement of PCOS. Nowadays, there are several theories which explain what cause this syndrom.

  •  The first one suppose that certain % of women has malfunction in hypotalamus (the part of brain which control the function of ovaries). It causes the excessive production of male sexual hormones (testosterone etc.) in ovaries. Male hormones are here under normal circumstances too but only in small quantity.
  • The second theory determine the cause directly in ovary, which produce the excessive amount of male hormones.
  •  The latest researches speak about insulin resistance in connection with PCOS. Insulin is a peptide hormone which regulates glucose from the blood into cells. If cells don´t react to insulin, the amount of glucose rise up and body starts with excessive production of insulin. It have a negative effect on ovaries which starts with production of male sexual hormones after that. Women with the insulin resistance have problems not only with menstrual cycle but also with binge eating and overweight.

In all the above mentioned cases arise the hormonal imbalance. The consequence is that ovaries don´t produce the ovums.


The symptoms of PCOS could be different in every case, the most frequent are problems with irregular menstruation and conception.

  •  Irregular menstrual cycle (skipped, very short or very long cycle)
  •  Acne
  •  Excessive hair
  •  Overweight/ obesity
  •  Excessive amount of male sexual hormones in blood
  •  Hypertrophic ovaries (visible on ultrasound examination)

How the preparation for the competition relates with PCOS?

Every woman which decided to prepare bikini or body fitness competition should expect a big fluctuation of body weight. These fluctuations are the signs that this preparation is not natural and beneficial for body. Bikini girls have problems with menstruation loss very often, especially in last weeks of prep when the % of bodyfat goes down and the caloric intake is approaching to basal metabolism. Body in long-term caloric deficit gains is gaining the energy from subcutaneous fat and it functions in ,,saving“ regime. The menstruation is not the one of elemental vital signs and so the body stops it for saving energy and using it the other way. Finally, there is arising a hormonal imbalance in the body as a consequence of losing a menstrual cycle.
These are the reasons why you shouldn´t persist in dieting. You should eating a lot of healthy fats which influence the hormonal functioning in the body. If the competitor knows (or her trainer) how to progress after the competition, the body will function the way it should and the menstruation will renew spontaneously. If the menstrual cycle won´t go back to normal, this problem have to be discussed with a specialist.
I started a prep for the autumn contest season in this june. I felt the first effects on my body after few weeks in spite of the fact that my caloric intake wasn´t so low. My menstruation was going every month earlier and earlier.
This was a sign that my body is not working all right. I was considering the pluses and minuses and I decided to stop the prep and increase my caloric intake immediately. However, the menstruation didn´t come the way it came after previous preps. I made an appointment with my gynaecologist. I came here and was waiting for doctor´s verdict. She explained me all about PCOS.
I made myself a hormonal imbalance in my body with dieting. It wasn´t the first, nor the second time and my body didn´t know to solve this problem this time. I have an increased amount of male sexual hormons in my body, but it isn´t because of the malfunction of hypotalamus, the malfunction in ovaries or the insulin resistance. I am working out a few years and I usually train 5 times a week. There is a 100% condition for increased amount of male sexual hormons. polycystic ovary syndrom. Finally – I fulfiled all the conditions for gaining PCOS. 

How to treat the PCOS?

The treatment depends on causes of formation so there can´t be specified only one cure. The PCOS was treated only with anticonception in the past. In general, the specialists recommend the medicament treatment with some change of lifestyle. In my case, the only applicable cure is the anticonception. In spite of this, the cure is individual.
If the PCOS isn´t treated the right way and the right time, it could cause a serious problems for example the infertility, diabetes, increasing of cholesterol what couldlead to the infarct of myocardium. There are the reason why you should listen to your body, you shouldn´t hurt yourself with drastic dieting and extreme workouts. It´s a must to realize we have only one health and the menstruation is a sign of right and healthy functioning of woman´s body. If you´ve already noticed some of the symptoms, make an appointment with your gynaecologist.


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