Radka SZOMBATH - successful even in bikinifitness MASTERS

Bikinifitness masters vs women´s bikinifitness - can you be successful in both categories? Yes! Radka Szombath is a beatiful competitor who rocked the stages in both categories. 

Radka SZOMBATH is the perfect example of beautiful bikini competitor in masters category. You don´t have to be twenty to be a bikini star and Radka knows it well. She is 35 years of age and she started competing in masters’ category in spring 2018. And when she had to decide at the 2018 European Championships (where women/junior/masters competitors were allowed to choose just one category where they´ll compete) she chose the masters category. And it was a right decision! Ladies, why not to try this category???

Radka showed us that even masters bikini competitors can look really good and have great potential. Judges paid attention to Szombath on the stage in Santa Susanna and she won her category- up to 163cm. Even though she won with the same score as Russian competitor Elena Bartkova, Radka managed to win even the overall title and she was very successful ever since.The fact that you are the European Champion may help but Radka felt the pressure which came with a title and how strict the judges are  (and also the fact that the "trends" in bikinifitness are messy nowadays).
I personally consider Szombath´s breasts a little bit "too much" sometimes and I would definitely change the way she trains her abs (as I personally think that’s Radka´s weak point). Judges at international shows really liked her and Radka decided to have bit “longer” spring season. It ended up to be a good decision and Radka did her best to bring better package everytime she stepped on stage.

Many did not believe that Radka could be better than at 2018 European Championships but she she managed and came looking even better! After ECH, she decided to try the stage at Čačak at 2018 Diamond Cup Serbia. First place in bikinifitness masters! Then Panatta Cup in Rimini. Double silver for Slovak competitor in both masters and women category. And as the last competition this season, Radka chose Diamond Cup in Ostrava which brought her double gold – again in women´s and masters category.

Radka Szombath is a part of Fitness-ka team led by Lucia KOSECKA (IFBB Elite PRO Bodyfitness competitor) and she herself is a coach and mother of 2 boys. You can often read on her profiles on social media that it´s not that easy to be a bikinifitness competitor if you have family,kids and a job.
Besides the fact Radka is a coach, she also has a beauty salon and organized beauty courses for bikini competitors where she taught girls how to do the stage make up. This is also one of her benefits! Szombath knows how to look good and fresh on stage and she is constantly trying to improve her overall package.

It´s also a must-to-say that Radka was not always a brilliant competitor in IFBB. Radka started competing in INBA and she came 3rd at 2016 World Championships. The same year, she decided to compete in IFBB (,as she said in the interview for bikinifitness.sk) she was always different than the others INBA competitors- she was more muscular and many people were criticizing her for that.

At her first competition in IFBB, Radka did not even get to the semi-finals and her next competition she placed 5th. In the spring 2017, Radka placed 2nd on the Slovak Championships and she was nominated to European Championships, where she did not get to the finals.
Then she tried Arnold Classic in Barcelona and did not get to the semifinals, but she won the Velka Cena Detvy in autumn 2017.
But that did not help and Radka did not nominate for 2017 World Championships.

Her best season was spring 2018 when she won the Slovak Championships and after that she was very successful on the international stage. Even in the masters category. And it was often not easy to win her category. So, ladies, masters bikinifitness is not “less” prestigious and it takes a lot of effort to win this category. And Radka SZOMBATH wins BOTH masters and women categories.
So why not to try masters category if you are well prepared, then?

And what do we consider the biggest mistakes in the masters category?

- makeup!!!! Ladies, pay attention to your makeup.It´s very very important to look well and you will catch judges attention because you will look fresh and beautiful and not like a zombie. This is also why,Szombath is winning- Radka knows how to do her makeup right.
-skin. If you have bad skin and you put tan on, it often looks bad on the stage. If you want to look good on the stage, you have take care of your skin and keep it hydrated and use proper skincare.
-too shredded or too skinny. Look at the trends, look at the girls who win. The fact that you compete in masters doesn’t mean that you have to be more muscular to catch attention oryou don’t have to be as muscular as women in other bikinifitness categories.
-hair. This is also a very important factor of the full package. Messy hair is really not something judges want to see on the stage.
-bikini. Choose the right style of your bikinis, try posing in bikini and if something doesn’t look like it should, don’t be afraid to tell it to whoever made your bikini.
-posing. Work on this too. Posing is very important and should be elegant and natural.


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