The Athletes You Should Definitely Know About - Liz Richardson (UK)

In this article from Sona Kolcunova,we would like to introduce to you IFBB Elite PRO Bikini Athlete from the UK, Liz Richardson!

If you want to know a little bit more about her journey to IFBB PRO Division and how her contest preparation look like, grab a seat and have a read. Elizabeth "Liz" Richardson - some of you probably already know her, either from stage or social media.The unbelievable shape of this 37 years old and "only fresh" IFBB PRO Athlete really caught our eye and we asked her about her achievements in 2017. So how successful was 2017 for Liz?

  • 5th place ... 2017 Diamond Cup Malta (masters bikini)
  • 2nd place... 2017 EVLS Prague (masters bikini)
  • 1st place... 2017 EVLS Prague (bikini ženy do 169cm)
  • 3rd place ... 2017 IFBB Nordic Elite PRO (Elite PRO bikini)

Liz Richardson
Liz RICHARDSON - from horse riding to Bikinifitness

Liz was very active all her life. When she was 16, she joined the gym but it was more cardio exercise she was interested in. She was a runner. "I was focused on long distance running, anything from 5km up to half marathons" Liz, who also rode horses in the meantime added. "I had my own horse but unfortunately i had to sell him 6 years ago when i got pregnant. I wouldn't be able to look after him anymore but i still enjoyed to spend my time around horses and go for a ride." Says Liz.

"My competing career started after i saw one absolutely stunning girl in the UK version of Muscle&Fitness.She had a beautiful body, lean and not too muscular at all and I remember i said to myself, this is how i want to look!" Her family and friends were shocked when she told them she would like to compete. "They had no idea how much hard work it was and how much contest prep takes and i think they still don't ... but despite that they were very understanding and supportive, which i appreciate very much!"

Liz RICHARDSON - about competing

Like every other competitor, Liz remembers how nervous she was at her first show in 2014 . "I was so scared that I was looking for a place to hide backstage." Liz laughs. But in the end she stepped on stage and she managed to hide it all very well behind her beautiful smile. "After the show I got some feedback and good advise from the judges and I must say that itLiz Richardson really helped me to improve my physique ."

We could see Richardson on stage in 2015, 2016 and also in 2017. After not being very successful on the stage in Malta in 2017, where she didn't place at all. She decided to change the coach and joined Pajič Team where Daniela Beckova took her under her "wing". Her first contest with the new coach was EVLS Prague Showdown and the results they achieved were really good. As they imagined. "I placed first in the women category and got 2nd place in the masters and this results brought me a PRO Card which was probably the happiest moment of my life." Liz celebrated receiving her PRO Card straight away on the 7th of October with her PRO Debut in IFBB NORDIC Elite PRO where she got an amazing 3rd place. "Placing 3rd at the Nordic Elite PRO is my biggest achievement so far. The second one is winning the National Title in UK," added Liz.

Liz RICHARDSON - Legs/ calves training plan

Liz shared her legs training programme with us.. She starts her workout always with:

  • Squats with olympic bar (3x 12 reps)
  • next are reverse lunges on the smith machine (3x12 reps)
  • Hip thrusts with olympic bar (4x12 reps with 4sec hold contracted)
  • Hamstring curls (4x ... 1x20 both legs, 2x10 each leg, 2x 8 each leg , 1x 6-8 both legs hold contracted)
  • Leg press (3 x 12-15 rep)
  • Legs extension (4x ... 1x 20 both legs, 2x10 each leg, 2x8 each leg, 1x 6-8 both legs with contraction)
  • Calve raises (3x30 , 3x 8-10 with contraction)

Liz RICHARDSON - The Contest advise

What is the most important thing to bring to the stage according to this IFBB PRO Elite Athlete? Liz knows that very well! "The most important thing is of course "overall package", which is expected from the judges.But it's very important not to be neglecting the other important things such as hair, make up, tan or loads of smiling and healthy confidence," explained Liz.

She went through many contest preparations on her own and she knows very well how difficult it is to "find yourself " sometimes. "I always say that my very first prep was the easiest one as I didn't know what to expect or what it is going to take! After all the years I can now say that my preparation with Daniela suited me the best. I Liz Richardsonate more and I did less cardio and I still managed to bring my best package to the stage!" described Liz.

Immediately after she started talking about her daily routine. Liz wakes up at 6:30 am every morning so she can do her 45 mins cardio (last prep it was walking uphill), then she goes to work and after that she rushes to the gym again to get her weight training session done. Once she is finished she goes home and sometimes she is so tired that she is in bed by 8pm. "I'm just so exhausted after all day on the go! And then there is exactly the same routine next morning and the one after.....until you get used to it and it becomes your lifestyle!" says Liz.

With an upcoming show Liz ads the posing practice into her daily routine. No matter how often and how much u practice your posing, it will always be beneficial for you! I also asked Liz about how does she chooses her bikini? "You can have whatever bikini you like. Your favourite colour or the colour that suits you the best.But usually it is "the budget" which "helps" us to pick! Some can afford to wear a new bikini each show and some girls compete in the same bikini for more seasons. I personally went from green to red which is my favourite colour at the moment and I love a classic bra and the Russian style of bottoms."

She also explains how important it is to try the stage make up before the show as you can look completely different under the stage lights.Sometimes your face can be too dark or too light comparing to the rest of your body. Liz prefers her hair long and straight. "But its up to the competitor what hair and make up they decide to wear. Everyone is different and we are all suited to different things," she says.

Liz RICHARDSON - her idols, plans and "thanks"

"I always adored my current coach Daniela Beckova and Saskia Cakoci. To me these two bikini girls achieved "the real bikini look" and they are my inspiration until now" Says The British beauty who works as a barber in the family barber shop. Even though she is coming home exhausted and her work has its "up" and "downs" she is very happy that she can be an employee in their family business!

"I couldn't wish for the better end of my autumn season as I was the very first UK bikini athlete competing at IFBB ELITE PRO Show and placed in Top 3". And what are her plans now?

"I have very little off-season and after I would like to continue competing in spring 2018." During the off season she will have bit more time to relax and do what she likes. "If im not in work or in gym, I enjoy going to the cinema or going for walks. I also enjoy little beauty treatments or massages," say Liz with a smile on her face.

At the end, Liz would like to thank everyone who has and still is supporting her in her competing and her contest preparations. Who exactly? "I would like to thank to Pajič trainings and to my coach Daniela Beckova who gave me the chance to join their team. I wouldn't be where im today without them. I also want to thank UKBF, to the president and his secretary Bill and Wanda Tierney for getting me my IFBB Elite PRO Card. As I said it was the happiest moment of my life. To my family, friends and to the rest of the competitors who were very supportive. I'm very lucky to have such an amazing and kind people around me!" Said this beautiful British Bikini Athlete at the end of our interview.

We would like to thank Liz and wish her all the best in 2018! We cannot wait to see the improvements she is going to bring to the stage in 2018.

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