Training addiction - can your training become addictive?

Have you ever heard of training addiction? Read our article by Barbora LABUDOVA to learn more about this problem!

Everyone is speaking about benefits of sport. Doing some physical activity makes you healthier, makes you feel better and helps your physical condition. On the other side, have you ever thought about training addiction?

Types of addicted people

Everybody who lifts knows that amazing feeling after training. It´s caused by endorphins. This type of hormones makes you feel happy and blocks stress and anxiety. The euphoric feelings are compared to the ones caused by drugs or alcohol. And now the question is. Can training become addictive?
The psychologists identified the sport (or training) addiction. There are more types of people, who can be addicted. The first type of people are the ones who crave, “the happy feelings“ in their lives. Perhaps they are sad, lonely or insecure and they are searching for their sense of life. Finally, they find their happiness in training and don´t want to lose these feelings.
The second, people who struggle with body image problems. There are so many people, who try to beat their body image issues. This problem is similar to Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, binge eating). People spend lot of time in gym hoping they will lose weight.
The last one, sport can be addictive for those who struggle with control of their lives. The gym can become an escape from the problems at work or at home. It can become the only place where they can feel in control and safe.

What are the warning signs? 

The sport addiction is often connected with eating disorders which are bigger and bigger problems nowadays. People follow the strict diet, they are tracking macros. They do not eat enough food, they train a lot and finally they become overtrained. The specialists warn of malnourishement and injuries.
Warning signs of training addiction:
• Your muscles are sore, even after longer rest
• You get sick very easily
• You suffer from insomnia or depression
• Your personality has changed
• Your workout takes hours
• You cannot gain muscles for a long time
• You get injured very easily and often
• Your self-confidence is tied to your training and your appearance
• You are socially isolated
• You feel anxious if you miss your workout

What to do?

You have to deal with this addiction like with any other. Decrease the number of workouts a week. The best way to solve the addiction is to find professional help. The specialist know what to do with your problems. You should take a break from training and take your body (and mind) rest. You can also try a new type of workout. Overtraining can cause serious problems to your body. You have to deal with addiction immediately after noticing warning signs.

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