Wellness fitness at 2018 European Championships

The Overall European Champion of Wellness category is Olga Kulinych. Let´s take a quick look at the wellness fitness categories at 2018 European Championships.

We could see 3 height categories in the wellness fitness division and we can say that “ the standard” in this division is different in every country. Even European standard is still bit messy. The wellness category should be somewhere between bikini fitness and body fitness. But the truth is that even after this Championships we still don’t know if its closer to the bikinifitness or to the bodyfitness.

Women´s Wellness fitness up to 158cm

This category was won by Sabrina Villari from Malta with almost ideal score – 6 points in both rounds. The combination of nice presentation and the overall look she brought to the stage was the best from all of the competitors in this category.
Second place went to Viviana Marulli from Italy and third place went to Dagmara Dominiczak from Poland.
I´ve personally loved the total package and shape of the competitor who came 4th – Tetiana Vovk from Ukraine and I had her in my TOP 3.
Anyway, for many competitors of this category should be important to improve their posing, which is just as important as their shape.

Women´s Wellness fitness up to 163cm

Ladies in this category should also put their posing practice on the schedule more often.
First place went to Poland, thanks to Nikoletta Sularz. Even though judges ignored Nikoletta´s thick waist, she should be focusing on making it look thinner, if she wants to continue in this division.
Second place went to Tatiana Naddennaia (Czech Republic), who I´ve had in first place the whole time. Tatiana also have a lot of work in front of her, but she was the nice surprise in this category.
Italian Lina Demarre (who´s been on the 1st place after the 1st round) maybe had the best shape in the up to 163cm category, but her posing needs lots of practice and it may be the reason why she came 3rd.

Photogallery - Women´s Wellness fitness up to 163cm- 246 photos

Women´s Wellness fitness over 163cm

I couldn´t really decide who do I prefer in this category- many girls had a good shape, but girls, bikinis are important! Choose properly and carefully.
Also, wellness fitness has different posing than bikini fitness! Wellness fitness is a category for girls with bigger leg gains, not for unsuccessful bikini fitness competitors. So, ladies, please, if you have shape that can easily fit to the bikini fitness, compete in the bikini fitness category. If you have enough of muscles for body fitness, compete in body fitness.
First place went to Ukraine, thanks to Olga Kulinych. Somehow, I can't get rid of the feeling that Olga was trying to copy Nataly Lugovskikh – but with more defined legs. After all it was enough even for winning overall title, but she should focus on the wellness fitness presentation and work on the leg gains a little bit more.
Viktoriia Shcherbakova also from Ukraine came 2nd and Valeria Patrascu ended on the 3rd place.

Photogallery - Women´s Wellness fitness up to 163cm- 382 photos

Women´s Wellness fitness Overall

Olga Kulinych won this title, winner of the category up to 158cm Sabrina Villari came second. And Nikoletta Sularz 3rd.
Olga´s bikini-like wellness look was enough for winning this title and left the wellness fitness competitors wondering, if they should change their prep and try to look a little bit more like a bikini competitors. But then… what´s the point of this new category?

What to tell? Girls should focus on their look and try to bring their best to the stage. Most of the girls should decide properly where they physique fits the best and compete in that category. Presentation, walking and posing is also part of the competition and it should look very elegant too, which is important in wellness fitness.
Now, how should a wellness fitness competitor prepare? Which trends to follow? We all hope that we´ll find out soon in the following months at the Worlds Top competitions.

Photogallery - Women´s Wellness fitness Overall


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