What does influence the fluctuation of bodyweight?

The bodyweight can change every morning, multiple times in one week and during the day too. Why? What can influence the weight?

The morning weighing can lift spirits or spoil the day to many women. It´s perfect that the scale helps us with control the process of loosing weight. But what if it shows plus 1kg from yesterday?
No, that isn´t the reason for eating up a big chocolate, drinking off a bottle of wine and calling your friend that: ,,... trainings and diet sucks and I will fat forever!“. The number on the scale doesn´t rise up only because of gaining fat.
How does it work? First of all, you should realize that the weight is just an ordinary number. Many of us rely on it and find it the most important in process of dieting. Yes, it IS important while watching the progress, but it´s nothing to worry about. On the contrary, you should listen your body and ask yourself ,,why is it like this?“.
There exist many factors which influence the bodyweight, especially the weight of women´s body. Yes, you´re right, the men have everything easier (I´m not an obstinate feminist but It would be stupid to not standing on ,,female“ side ). The bodyweight can change every morning, multiple times in one week and during the day too. Why? What can influence the weight?

Factors which influence the bodyweight

  • Following the diet: the basis of every diet is keeping the caloric deficit. You can´t cheat an equation: the intake < the energy you spent. If you cheated your diet, the scale will count it for sure.
  • Amount of water: lots of women have a problem with holding water. The body tries to hold a water level in balance for its right working. It means that every divergence in your water intake can cause excessive holding of water. That´s why you should drink at least 2,5l of liquids every day (Fanta, Nestea or other sweet drinks leave out of account). Moreover, this factor is influenced by amount of salt and sweeteners in food too.
  • Sleep and stress: we underestimate the regeneration very often, no matter if you want to lose the weight or gaining muscles. It´s a big fault! The cortisol is a hormon which holds the water too. It is arising on the basis of stressing impulses, the one of these is the lack of sleep.
  • Menstruation: the menstrual cycle is a load factor for women´s body. Our body holds a lot of water during the cycle and moreover, every woman knows how stressful can be the pre- menstruation week. If you want to control the scale during the PMS, place the paper with this warning in front of you: ,, Remember, you have the PMS!“
  • Glycogen: it is a polysaccharide. The cells are saving the glycogen to reserve from carbs. It´s found in muscles above all. One gram of carbs holds 3 grams of water. The glycogen influence the quality of physical performance and regeneration. Don´t forget to refill it by consumption of quality sources of carbs.

How to gain control over it?

It´s necessary to realize that the short-term changes are not so important but a long-term progress is. Weigh yourself every morning before eating breakfast. The weekly average of bodyweight will approximate your real weight. The progress could be noticed by sizing up: write down the size of chest, waist and hips every week. On the basis of these numbers watch your progress (remember, the centimeters can also fluctuate because of mentioned factors). You will have the biggest certainty if you´ll keep your diet. If you didn´t cheat, you could be calm when yoíur weight will rise up. Let´s be honest to yourselves and to your coach, you should inform him/her of every step you do. The statement that ,, you eat nothing“ won´t change the situation. Not only you will gaining weight but also he will think that you are a liar.


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