Which body type am I?

Is it a myth or you really should train based on your body type? Alica HEVEROVA will tell you. 

What Body type am I? Everyone’s body is different. And that probably goes without saying, right? Some of us are taller, shorter, thinner or wider. But what you may not know is that there are actually 3 body type classifications, also known as “Somatotypes”.
The three body types exist but probably never in their pure form. We all have some aspects of endomorphy, mesomorphy and ectomorphy. There’s even a system for rating what mix of types you are, where you are given a score between one and seven for each body type (you can go outside this range, but it’s generally within those numbers).


  •  Tall, thin
  •  „hardgainer“ – small shoulders, flat chest
  •  fast metabolism, hard to gain weight
  •  lean muscle mass
  •  low body fat
  •  bone structure

The majority of ectomorphs are mainly men. They find it dpretty hard to bulk up and put on muscles or fat. This bodytype needs a huge amount of calories to gain weight, because of very fast metabolism. Ectomorphs are good at processing carbohydrates into energy and your fast metabolism means that you burn off fat easily.
So well, they need to eat a lot, at least 7g carbs per 1kg of bodyweight, at least 2g of protein per 1kg of bodyweight, rest of your calorie intake should be in fats. Eat before going to bed as a prevention of catabolism.
And how to train? You should be in the gym all the type to gain the musles, cause If you’re working out four, five days a week you’ll be speeding up your metabolism too much. You should be limited to Three workouts a week keeping the actual training time after a warm-up to 45 minutes or less.
Do compound movements, sets in the eight-to-12 rep range and quite a lot of volume focusing on big muscle groups. None cardio sessions. Supplements are definitely recommended.


  •  hard body
  •  defined muscles
  •  broad shoulders
  •  narrow waist
  •  rectangular shaped body
  •  strong
  •  easy to gain muscles
  •  not store fat (but a lot easier to gain it than ectomorph)
  •  greatest bodybuilding potential

Gains among endomorphs are seen quickly, especially for beginners. Responds well to training that involves heavy, basic movements along with shaping exercises. To maximise muscle gains, do no more than three cardio workouts per week for 20-30 minutes (5 minute warm up, 15-20 minutes in your target heart range, five minute cool down)
Constantly keep the body off guard by varying the training intensity with exercises, sets, reps, weights, and rest.Be sure to regularly include light, moderate, and heavy training days. Use a combination of slow moderately paced (with full range of motion) and fast reps.
What about diet? Keep protein intake to at least 2 grams per pound of bodyweight. Keep the carbohydrate intake moderately high, about 60% of total calories; choose vegetables, brown rice, low fat beans, lentils and pasta and whole grains. Limit fats; stay lean with a diet containing 15-20% total fats. Eat a variety of lean proteins such as skinless chicken, turkey, egg whites, lean beef, and fish.


  •  Soft and round body
  •  Wide bone structure
  •  Gains muscle and fat very easily
  •  Generally short
  •  Harder to lose fat
  •  Slower metabolism
  •  Muscles not so well defined

You found yourself in this? Well, firstly, your metabolism isn’t slow, I PROMISE. The truth is that you most likely eat more than you realize, and you don’t do enough strength training to combat it. Needs more frequent workouts, especially aerobic conditioning. Each workout must be high intensity, sacrifice poundage’s for minimal rest between sets. Do no more than eight sets per body part. Use moderate poundage’s.
Avoid training with heavy weights and low reps. Keep your rep range in the 9-12 range for upper body and 12-25 rep range for legs and calves. Use high-intensity training principles such as burns, iso-tension, continuous tension, supersets, tri-sets, and giant sets principles to help bring out maximum muscle shape and definition.
What about diet? Keep fat intake low. Eat a variety of lean protein in moderation. Consume dairy products that are nonfat. Avoid late night snacking; if you must, have healthy, low fat foods on hand. Eating smaller, frequent meals keeps the blood sugar level and metabolism up, and controls the appetite.
Count your daily calories. Skip the second helpings; eat slowly. Walk away from each meal feeling slightly hungry. Eliminate drinking soft drinks and alcohol. You can change it from “store fat” to “build muscle,” but you need to be disciplined about it!


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