Xenia ROMANOVA - Elite PRO or amateur bikini fitness?

Xenia ROMANOVA is a bikini star from Russia. Will she compete in Elite PRO? 

We’ve already written about Xenia Sheveleva as ‚The bikini queen without a crown‘, but Ksenia Romanova is not less of a Bikini queen.

First Ksenia‘s success was in 2015 when this sympathic Russian woman fought her way through the semifinals to the finals at Arnold classic Europe and ended up on 5th place. In May next year she placed 3rd at the European Amateur Championships in Spain. In 11-13.11 2016 were held World Championships in Poland where Ksenia won gold medal in her cathegory up to 166 cm and the overall as well. So she became the World Champion 2016 in Bikini fitness. In September 2017 she stepped on the stage at Arnold Classic Europe again but this time she ended up as a winner. One month later she attended EVLS Prague Amateur and placed first. She got PRO card but didn’t accept it till now. Few days ago Ksenia annouced that she’s going to compete in the Elite Pro League.

What are her chances in Elite Pro League?

This question is really hard to answer because nowdays it’s competing little messy, but mostly in Amateur league. Competitors don’t know how to prepare because everytime wins different body type. Sometimes a little bit leaner another time more muscular.
But back to the point. Girls In pro league are very lean and shredded with minimum of body fat but also with very quality muscles. For me is Yana Smith Kuznetsova currently the queen of bikini elite pro leauge and her results say so as well. If i compare Ksenia to Yana i must say that they are a lot similar, especially in presentation. They are both Russians after all.
I think that Ksenia should keep working on her glutes to be equal with Yana and also gain a bit more lean muscles but in my opinion she is gonna fit in between Elite pro competitors smoothly. Anyway Ksenia is an outstanding competitor with great proportions, presentation and shape and we wish her all the best in next competing in Elite Pro League.


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