Xenia SHEVELEVA - the bikini queen without a crown

Xenia SHEVELEVA- why she did not take the European title? Let´s talk about this bikini star and explain why she did not get the European title. 

If you don´t know Xenia Sheveleva you´re probably new to fitness industry. The queen of amateur scene who won almost everytime she has stepped stage but however did not win a title at the European Championships and what´s more shocking she hadn´t even get to the TOP3. Xenia Sheveleva got the European title in 2015 and was a very interesting bikini competitor ever since.

Xenia SHEVELEVA - bikini star who owns the stage

Even though Xenia is very tall (she always competes in the tallest category, her height is 178cm), she has a nice muscularity and elegant presentation on the stage. Xenia has worked on her waist and width oh her back a lot through the year to achieve the best possible “hourglass shape”.Today is Sheveleva the best example of this shape in my opinions.Her “attributes” are also long legs and very proportional figure.
Xenia also knows how to choose her bikini- she chooses colors that matches her eyes and hair and we can usually see her in the dark bikinis. Sheveleva has also studied a lot to figure out what kind of training suits her the most. Focusing on achieving the hourglass shape and building the muscles just where she wants took a lot of effort and Sheveleva has currently one of the most incredible back poses I´ve ever seen.
Not having the sharp abdominal muscles is also the key to success, since having the best sixpack on the stage is not the goal in bikinifitness. Not looking too muscular or opposite- being too skinny is for many girls a real struggle . But Sheveleva knows how to do it and as we could see this season, she even held the same shape with maybe some little changes for almost 3 months.
Sheveleva won the title in her category at Diamond Cup in Malta, where she also took the gold in overall bikinifitness. Looking at the videos from this event, you can see that Sheveleva is clearly moving different than other girls on the stage. She takes the time do to the quarter turn, she moves her legs and arms elegantly, always smiles and lets her strongest parts to stand out.
Proportionally beautiful Sheveleva even walks slowly and gives everyone the feeling that she owns the stage.
She took gold at the Diamond Cup Madrid, Diamond Cup Portugal and Panatta Rimini Cup.
Some may say that Sheveleva stands too wide in the front position but in fact it helps her legs to stand out and gives her final package the good look. Wide shoulders with enough muscles, beautiful V-taper.

What about the European Championships? 

Why is it that Sheveleva win every Diamond Cup that she decides to attend , but at the European Championships she ended up on the 4 th place? There are some things that we must consider when comparing Diamond Cups and European Championships.

The first thing is that series of prestigious competitions called Diamond Cup lost some of the importance since the NPC and IFBB split up. IFBB is creating a new division- Elite PRO and PRO cards are “available” almost at every Diamond Cup. Even though this is happening, many of the girls lost the interest in bikini fitness and they rather workout just for themselves. Where am I going with all of this? Many of Sheveleva´s rivals from European Championships weren´t competing at the Diamond Cups. For example- the winner of the category- Ukrainian Marina Oborska was not on the stage with Sheveleva at the Diamond Cup, only at the European Championships, so we don´t know how would judges decide and who would they place better.
We could all notice that judges were making different decisions at the European Championships than at the Diamond Cups. The winner of category over 172cm was Marina Oborska- with highly defined abdominal muscles and shorter legs than Sheveleva, but with a lot wider, more muscular back that (for me) looked a little like a back of a bodyfitness competitor.
Interesting is that not even Natalia Lugovskikh got the crown in this category. Lugovskikh is a well-known competitor and for many of the girls a big idol. However, I think that we´ve seen better from Lugovshikh and even though the shape maybe could be a little leaner, I would place her better than Oborska. The surprise of a category was for me Galina Maslovskaia. I did not find her that stunning, but she deserved to be in finals.
Three places- three totally different types of competitors and three different shapes.
And that is why the fitness is so messy nowadays, ladies and gentlemen. We don´t really know what is preferred and what is not. Is a bikini competitor supposed to be shredded to the bone or is she supposed to have bigger legs? Wider shoulders with sharp muscles like Maslovskaia?
We can see different type of a winner at almost every competition. Maybe it´s good to not completely define how the girls should look and reward the good shape of an individual, but sometimes it´s confusing for the girls that want to compete on an international stage.

And not rewarding the prototype of a bikinifitness with a European title or at least letting her to fight for the top 3, that’s something that shouldn´t be happening. Bikinifitness is a sport where the opinion of an individual decides- judge´s opinion. And it´s a shame we´ll never know the reason why Sheveleva (who got up until now more chances to join the Elite PRO than I can count) is not the one who should be honored with the European title.
We give Sheveleva all the thumbs up we love her and we keep our fingers crossed for her in the future!


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