You also use to have a night date with a fridge?

What to do when the big hunger before sleep strikes? Alica HEVEROVA has some tips for you. 

You’ve already washed your teeth, cleaned your face, put on your fancy pyjamas and you’re ready for the bed, but suddenly that terrible hunger strikes? You know, that those night trips to the fridge are not good for your waist, but you’re asking youself, what should you do then? Should you rather ignore your cravings for food or to succumb and have someting little? Keep reading and you’ll find out how to avert the flicker of hunger before sleep.

Are you really hungry?

You have to ask yourself this in the first place. The key is to find out if your body is really hungry, or if there is only a false alarm, caused by the habit of constatly chewing something. And now you ask how to do so? Think about when you last ate and what macros the food contained. A nutritionally balanced meal, such as a regular portion of vegetables with the right amount of protein, healthy fats and a little carbohydrates, keeps you full for about 3 hours. So if you ate a little while ago, certainly do not suffer from hunger. You probably only lack some of the cherry on the cake, huh? In that case, drink some water and with no comment go to the bed and stop trying to convince yourself that you’re starving! Of course, it depends on your goals. If you really want your dream comes true, clench your teeth, go for your goal and follow this article. If you don’t mind have a few kgs more, do not worry about taking a night trip to the fridge.

Hunger as a cause of a habit?

You have to constantly munch something while you’re watching the TV, huh? Than change your rutine! Try to do something else with your hands. Do not use them to transport food from a plate or bowl to your mouth. You rather draw, dye, write, or play with the Rubik’s Dice. Just try some activity that employs you and you will not have to think about food.

Tough day? Month? Work? Life?

Don’t use food as a plaster for your daily problems. If the triggers of your hunger are emotions, such as stress, anger or sadness, choose another way to satisfy yourself. Listen to some relaxing music, cuddle with your boyfriend or do some workout. Eating when your body doesn’t really need it, is like wearing your winter jacket during the summer. To figure out, what pulls you to the kitchen all the time, may help your mental health. And how to do so?

Snack wisely!

Let’s say, that your body really needs some more energy. (If you need to rapidly loose weight, maybe you’re on a comp prep and have a strict diet, than skip this paragraph, act like you haven’t seen anything, count your calories and make that hunger go away, cause you have your aim girl, so stick to it!! )
But what to do in the case, when you don’t wanna strictly limit yourself but you still care about your appearance a lot? Have a handful of nuts. These delicacies are very beneficial for your health. They are significial for a high amount of proteins and healthy fats, that every body needs. Nuts have anticancer effects and positive impact on the heart. They hide a lot of minerals inside of them, that are very important for bone development and growth, immunity and energy balance. Specifically Magnesium, contained in nuts is essential for proper muscle relaxation after tough physical performance.
For women, it is certainly good news that they contribute to the beautiful appearance of hair, nails or teeth. As a bonus, nuts are very tasty, so they satisfy the taste buds. In addition, they contain fiber that makes you feel full, helps digestion and regular emptying, but does not make you inflated.
If you’re not fancy for some nuts, eat for example some fruits rather than the chocolate bar. Kiwi or an orange is a good choice for sure.

Not even these advices help?

Than you should reconsider your dinner choices. If you don’t have a proper dinner you may have a problem with falling asleep. Are you waking up during the night because of a wolf hunger? This isn’t right neither. And do you know, why is all of this happening? A lot of people stick to the sentence „You can’t eat after 6pm“ or „Give your dinner to your enemy“ etc.
That’s a huge mistake though. If your last meal is at 6pm and you are going to bed just after the midnight, you’re naturally hungry and your body will be starving all night long. Do think this is right? Well, I don’t. I am not saying that you have to eat thousands of calories before a bed time but you should definitally have some proteins such as meat, eggs, cheese or tofu with a huge mound of various vegetables.

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