How does the competition day look like?

In this article, we´ll try to help you out with the competition day. How does it look like and what do you need? Barbora LABUDOVA will explain it to you.

Is a breast augmentation neccessary if I want to be successful in fitness?

Barbora LABUDOVA will tell you, if it´s really neccessary. The answear may surprise you!

Masters bikinifitness at 2018 European championships

Let´s take a look at 2018 European Championships, this time we´ll talk about MASTERS categories. 

Peak week - the final week of a contest preparation

Peak week by Alica HEVEROVA. Read our article about the final week of a contest preparation!

Kuznetsova has succeeded in the 2018 Elite PRO Show Nafplio

Yana Kuznetsova from Russia won the Premier European competition in PRO Bikinifitness category, which took place in Greece.

Seminar with The IFBB Champions Saskia CAKOCI - Jessica KAVANAGH

Attention to all Bikini, Figure, Wellness athletes, coaches, non-competitors and everyone who would like to learn little bit more about the correct training, nutrition, competing and posing.

Women's categories at IFBB in 2018

The IFBB World Federation opens in 2018 new categories for bikinifitness, wellness fitness, bodyditness and fitness divisions. And also for juniors and masters!