2018 Olympia Amateur United Kingdom

Let´s take a look at the stage of 2018 Olympia Amateur in United Kingdom.

Ksenia Romanova - her first Elite PRO win

Let´s take a look at Ksenia Romanova´s first Elite PRO competition. She took home gold from Aruba. 

Radka SZOMBATH - successful even in bikinifitness MASTERS

Bikinifitness masters vs women´s bikinifitness - can you be successful in both categories? Yes! Radka Szombath is a beatiful competitor who rocked the stages in both categories. 

Xenia ROMANOVA - Elite PRO or amateur bikini fitness?

Xenia ROMANOVA is a bikini star from Russia. Will she compete in Elite PRO? 


Let´s take a look at 2018 Diamond Cup Luxembourg. How did the bikini fitness and wellness fitness categories look like? 


Let´s take a look at the Diamond Cup OSTRAVA and watch photogalleries from BIKINI and WELLNESS FITNESS

Xenia SHEVELEVA - the bikini queen without a crown

Xenia SHEVELEVA- why she did not take the European title? Let´s talk about this bikini star and explain why she did not get the European title. 

Elite PRO Madrid- bikini and wellness fitness

Read our report by Alica HEVEROVA and Barbora LABUDOVA about Elite PRO competiton in Madrid and watch photogalleries. 

Diamond Cup Madrid - report BIKINI and WELLNESS FITNESS

Read our report from the Diamond Cup in Madrid- we´ll take a look at the bikinifitness and wellness fitness category. 

Masters bikinifitness at 2018 European championships

Let´s take a look at 2018 European Championships, this time we´ll talk about MASTERS categories. 

IFBB Elite PRO Johannesburg - bikini & wellness fitness

Elite PRO Johannesburg- bikini and wellness fitness categories. Read our quick report! 

Junior bikini fitness at 2018 European Championships

We could see 3 categories of junior bikini competitors on the stage at 2018 European Championships. Let´s take a quick look at them!

The European Championships 2018 - weight-in

Our team is in Santa Susanna, ready to share the latest news from 2018 European Championships with you. Photogallery - weight-in!

R.I.B.B.F Spring Classic 2018 Waterford - Part 1

Quick introduction by Western Europe Chief editor of this project- Katarina CIENKA. Who are and what do we do?

R.I.B.B.F. Spring Classic Waterford 2018 - Part 2

Read a quick report by chief editor for Western Europe Katarina CIENKA about R.I.B.B.F Spring Classic Waterford 2018. 

Moscow Bodybuilding - Bikinifitness Cup 2018

Moscow Bodybuilding-bikinifitness cup 2018 - watch videos from bikini categories and read quick report from the competition. 

Peak week - the final week of a contest preparation

Peak week by Alica HEVEROVA. Read our article about the final week of a contest preparation!

2018 Moscow Area Cup - wellness fitness and fitmodel

The Moscow Area Cup in fitmodel and wellness fitness cathegories was a nomination for the prestigious 2018 Russian Cup competition. Photo Gallery - almost 200 photos!

2018 Elite PRO Slovakia Show - Bikinifitness

Read our report from 2018 Elite PRO Show Slovakia. Written by the member of 123lbs team Barbora LABUDOVA!

The Athletes You Should Definitely Know About - Liz Richardson (UK)

In this article from Sona Kolcunova,we would like to introduce to you IFBB Elite PRO Bikini Athlete from the UK, Liz Richardson!