Weight Loss

Which body type am I?

Is it a myth or you really should train based on your body type? Alica HEVEROVA will tell you. 

When and why to do cardio?

Do I have to do cardio if I want to gain muscles? When and why to do cardio? Alica HEVEROVA will explain! 

It’s not weights that make you heavy, the cake does

What benefits does training have for women? Let´s find out in Alica Heverova´s article today!

You also use to have a night date with a fridge?

What to do when the big hunger before sleep strikes? Alica HEVEROVA has some tips for you. 

Myths about weight-loss

Alica HEVEROVA will tell you about the biggest myths about weight-loss. 

Coffee vs weight loss

Is coffee really that good for your body? What about effects of coffee on your body? Lets find out! Read an article by Alica Heverova.