The Internet project is designed for fans of the bikinifitness category, especially for girls and women who are competing in this category (at any level) or those who are considering competing in the future. However, we also pay attention to other women categories in federations such as the IFBB, NABBA, WBFF and etc.

Which categories?

  • bodyfitness/figure
  • fitness
  • wellness fitness
  • women's physique and etc.

The project aims to provide information

  • about national and international bikini, bodyfitness/figure, wellness fitness, women´s physique athletes
  • about competitions - primarily The Bikinifitness category, as well as bodyfitness/figure, wellness, physique, in form of reports, comments and full photo galleries covering different shows
  • to help athletes at any level
  • about training, nutrition, supplements which are suitable for bikinifitness competitors as well as non-competitors
  • about health and wellbeing for active women

Other objectives of FitnessSchool s.r.o. besides the operation of is to also

  • to organize bikini seminars and bikini camps, with the support of our partners and sponsors
  • to provide informations, related to correct training, nutrition, supplements suitable for the bikinifitness category and for those competing in this category
  • to provide a direct on-line advice
  • related to training, nutrition, nutritional supplements suitable for the bikinifitness and those competing

The owner of project is ... ReaSport s.r.o., business partner of project FitnessSchool s.r.o.
Chief Editor for Western Europe ... Katarina Cienka,
Chief Editor for Eastern Europe ... Sona Kolcunova
Editors/Photographers ... Jakub Csontos, Stano Hricko